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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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What Is The Best Natural And Herbal Alternative Treatment For Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are a common medical problem suffered by people who get a salt, water or mineral imbalance in their body due to many reasons. The best alternative treatment to kidney stones is the Kids Clear Capsules which can be taken orally once or twice daily as directed by the physician.

This leads to severe pain in the back and sides which goes to the flank. Colour of the urine also turns pink, maple or brown. Allopathic treatments like Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL), Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL), and Ureteroscopic Stone Removal, etc. are available. These treatments are again painful, require hospitalization as they are surgical procedures, and costly. There are alternative treatments available, which do not need hospitalization, are not painful, and at the same time affordable.

It is seen, that people who drink less water or live in tropical regions, where the rate of perspiration is more, and their urine is more concentrated and produced in less volume. Since the urine has a lot of waste products in less amount of water, some of them are likely to crystallise in the kidney or the ureter, urinary bladder or even urethra and the crystals grow there. This is called kidney stone or kidney calculi.

If the size of the stone is less than 3 mm, and they are inside the kidney they lie unnoticed. But once their size increases and if they are pushed out of the kidney into the pelvis or into the ureter then they block the urinary tract. This condition does not allow urine to pass out easily and accumulation of urine puts pressure on the walls of kidney, its pelvis becomes swollen. A sharp pain is felt by the patient in the region between the ribs and hips (flank region) which leads to the thigh and the groin. This is associated with nausea, vomiting, urgency of urinating, blood or pus in the urine and painful urination. This is termed as renal colic. The pain lasts for 20 to 60 minutes and can also bring in fever and chills in the patient.

Kid Clear Capsules have an anti spasmodic and anti- inflammatory action and relieve renal colic and subsides burning during urination. Not only low fluid intake but other dietary habits like having a high intake of animal proteins, more sodium intake, use of more refined sugars, fructose, increase in oxalate rich foods like spinach,rhubarb,beet okra, parsley, summer squash, soya beans, wheat bran, nuts, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, black-tea, etc. in the diet increases the risk of kidney stone formation.

If animal proteins are taken more than the body requirement then sulphurous amino acids, uric acid and other acidifying metabolites are released in the urine which makes the urine more acidic. This promotes the stone formation. Body neutralises this acidity by leaching calcium from the bones which again promotes stone formation. Kid clear capsules maintain the P-h balance of the body and urine. High animal protein intake is also associated with low citrate excretion. Citrate is an inhibitor of stone formation.

Oxalates are natural end products of metabolism. Body does not require them. So it is filtered out of blood by the kidneys. People who take calcium, vitamin C or vitamin D supplements or who take an oxalate rich diet, their blood throws out excess of calcium or oxalates by the help of kidneys. Since oxalates and calcium are continuously excreted out of the kidneys in abnormal quantities, they combine and this may lead to nucleation, growth and aggregation of calcium oxalate crystals, at any site in the excretory system. It is to be noted that oxalate radical has great affinity to calcium; hence 80% kidney stones are made of calcium oxalate crystals. Kids Clear Capsules prevent super saturation of these lithogenic substances and control oxamide level (a substance that promotes stone formation in kidneys) Kid Clear Capsules also help in dissolving these crystals and letting them pass out through urine.

Other kidney stones are uric acid stones, struvite kidney stones calcium phosphate kidney stones etc. Kid Clear Capsules act on mucin that binds these particles to form stones in kidney. These capsules also restrain calculogenesis by eliminating some of these substances by micro pulverisation. Their anti microbial action helps in preventing urinary tract infection associated with urinary stones and their crystallisation.

Kid Clear Capsules are made out of the best quality herbs, so there is no problem of side effects. Having these capsules twice daily or as prescribed by the physician not only helps in flushing out kidney stones painlessly but also maintains good health of kidneys. The ingredients that make these oral pills are - Dolichosbiflorus (kulthi), Apuium graveolms (bastimoda), Curcuma aromatic (ambi haldi), Laxifragaligulata (pashan bhed),Crataeva nurvula (barna), Ammonium subulatum (elaychi badi) Potassii carbonas (javakhar), Coleus aromaticus (patthar chur), Pedalium murex (gaukhroo), Physalis alkengi (kaknaj), Solanum nigrum(makoy), Cucumis utilissimus (kakdi), Curculigo orchiodes, Gaertn (kali musali) Orthosiphon stamineus (javatea), Prunus cerasus (alubalu) Cabbage (karamkalla), Cinnamomum cassia (taj), Archyranthes aspera (apamarg)Free Web Content, Juniperus communis (hauber). They are herbs and cause no side effects.

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