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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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What Should I Do To Naturally Cure Night Fall Problems?

Nightfall or wet dreams problem arise due to weak nerves in male genital region. Wet dreams or nightfall is a natural phenomenon which occurs because body ejaculates old semen to replace it with new one.

Semen production is an ongoing process in the body, whenever male ejaculates voluntarily or involuntarily body replenishes lost semen immediately. So wet dreams or nightfall is not a problem until it occurs within healthy limits, in fact it is good for physical and mental health of a male, but when it crosses healthy limits and occur too frequently it strain reproductive organs and make a male sexually weak. If this problem stays for a substantial period of time it creates deficiencies in the body. Semen production requires certain minerals which are not in abundance in the body like zinc. Deficiency of zinc due to frequent loss of semen causes general debility and also affect circulatory system which can raise many other health related issues. Traditional medicines have been found very effective in controlling the problem and also in reinstating lost health and vitality of a male due to wet dreams.

Weak parasympathetic nervous system is primary cause of frequent nightfall, this nervous system holds semen back during excitement and also during sleep. When this system gets weaker it is unable to control flow of semen and allows it to pass out on slight persuasion or pressure. People, while seeing any erotic dream or get excited due to rubbing of bed sheet or pillow, ejaculate during sleep due to weak parasympathetic nerve. Nerves need regular flow of energy to keep them active and prevent ejaculation, there are many causes which can weaken nerves of male genital region. Too much self stimulation, too much coition, too much sexual fantasies, excitement without ejaculation, weak physical health, deficiencies and certain medicines can cause weakness in nerves to cause frequent nightfall or wet dreams. There is no number which can generally determine healthy and excessive frequency of wet dreams.

Weakness, lethargy, low libido, low semen volume, lesser sensation in genital region, thinning of semen and thick discharge after urination suggest that frequency of wet dreams is crossing body’s endurance limit. One should not leave problem of frequent nightfall or wet dreams untreated to protect health from its ill-effects.

NF cure and Shilajit work as complete and safe treatment for wet dreams or nightfall problem. NF cure contain herbs which are aphrodisiac in nature and promote higher secretion of testosterone hormone. Higher testosterone levels promote higher blood flow towards male genital region and keep nerves nourished and energetic. With active and energized nerves male can prevent ejaculation during sleep and cure problem of nightfall or wet dreams. Shilajit supplement the body with 85 different mineralsPsychology Articles, vitamins and nutrients to cure deficiencies and energize all the organs and systems of the body. Shilajit provides higher virility and vitality to a male in a short duration and improve functioning of all the organs of male genital region. These two products in combination without any side effects can cure the problem of wet dreams and nightfall completely and also improve a male’s potency and his lovemaking capacities by many times.

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