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Sunday, August 18, 2019
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When it's time for a Fertility Specialist

For a couple that has been trying to conceive for over a year, they turn to examination, testing, and treatments from a fertility specialist to increase their odds.

Couples across the country struggle for months and in some cases years to have a baby. Either they have yet to conceive or lost a baby in the process. Questions, fears, and stress surround their intimate moments rather than just passion or fun. They understand that there are steps to discover whether they are actually dealing with infertility or just bad timing and a minor health concern. It's hard on the couple but the woman tends to take it the hardest and blames herself. It doesn't help that, on average, a healthy man can be fertile into his seventies while a woman's eggs are constantly aging and menopause is always lurking in a her biology ready to steal hormones and rob her of a chance to give birth. Yet, a man can have physical reproductive issues as well. Women go to see their gynecologists but men can see an urologist or andrologist to discover if he has a blockage or malformation and to complete a semen analysis.

The couple presses on with performance of all of the classic tips for relaxation, sexual positioning, and lifestyle improvements that can make a difference for those dealing with emotional and physical stress. If these basic suggestions do not seem to do the trick, the couple can go to their separate doctors to make sure that their bodies can handle conceiving. The doctors check for any physical irregularities, reproductive obstructions, infections or hormonal malfunctions and correct or repair as best as possible. And if the couple is still struggling with conception the next step is to seek out a fertility specialist.

The best way to find out if a fertility specialist is the right next step is to get organized. There are at least eight known reasons to seek help with conception. Before running down the checklist a couple has to look at their physicality and lifestyles of both partners and never rule anything out until it is proven. So first, it is determined whether the female is over 35 years of age and the couple has been trying for more than a year. Second, are there more than three miscarriages in their past? Third, has endometriosis, blockages, or scarring been found and treated? Forth, irregular ovulation and effective treatments need to be checked and tried. Fifth, the couple's history with genital infections or irregular periods for her or testicles that haven't descended for him has to be determined. Sixth, the man's semen analysis results are needed in order to determine if there is a low count, irregular shape, or inadequate mobility. Seventh, both the man and the woman have no discernible reasoning for infertility.

A fertility specialist is one of those people who help them with medically assisted conception treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT). These methods are focused on the woman's hormones and outpatient treatmentsFree Reprint Articles, but it is important for that couple to keep all of their options in mind because there are specialists that can assess their individual health and their collective possibilities for the future.

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