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Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Why Buying Painkillers from No Prescription Pharmacy Is Dangerous

Sure, purchasing from an online pharmacy has its own advantages like cheaper rates, convenience, privacy and so on but there are some medications that are just not meant to be purchased online without prescriptions and one of them is painkillers. Many a no prescription pharmacy is offering painkillers to their consumers without the need to produce a doctor’s prescription but this is a complete no-no even though they may sound good. It may seem tempting to go online and order pain medications when you are suffering in agony but one must not give in to the temptation.

Pain medications are extremely powerful substances that are capable of eliminating the painful sensation from an area in your body. Hence, buying pain medications from a no prescription pharmacy online is definitely a dangerous move on your part because since when did you get the authority to become your own doctor? Therefore how can you be so sure that the pain medication which you are ordering has the correct potency for your body? Overdose of painkillers can be fatal. So if you love yourself and you want to take good care of your health then you would not consider buying pain medications from any online pharmacy without your doctor’s prescription.

Generally, in case of a no prescription pharmacy, anyone and everyone can purchase drugs directly. These pharmacies could be selling their drugs to a child, an adult, a teenager or even someone with drug addiction, therefore one can only imagine what the end results would be like. According to the guidelines stated by the FDA, it is illegal for any online pharmacy to sell prescription medicines without a prescription and the same goes for consumers who buy them without prescription. So if you are engaging in such an act, then you are doing something illegal.

So does that mean that you cannot purchase pain medications online at all? No, of course you can but you must first consult your doctor and obtain a prescription. Then you need to place your order in an online pharmacy that requires prescription along with the patient’s allergy and medical history. Rule out any no prescription pharmacy in this case. Make sure the website from which you are purchasing your painkillers is secure by checking for a verifiable physical address and a toll-free customer care number. Also check the license of such pharmacy.

In case an online pharmacy is lacking in any of the field mentioned in the previous paragraph then it means that it is not safe for you to purchase painkillers from them. If you do not have the time to consult a doctor then the next possible alternative is to go for over-the-counter pain medications. Never purchase painkillers like Oxycodone, Tramadol, Codeine, Vicodin, Hydrocodone, Oxycontin or Percocet from a no prescription pharmacy because these are extremely powerful opiods that could do more harm to your body than good in case of wrong dosage of medicine.

Consuming narcotic painkillers or opiods purchased from a no prescription pharmacy can be deadly since they give rise to all sorts of adverse reactions and side effects if you don’t administer them properly. When taken with other drugs, they can even prove to be more fatal. What’s more, they have the potential to ‘grow’ on the patient and soon before they know it they are addicted to them. So, to be on the safe sideComputer Technology Articles, purchase drugs from an online pharmacy only after you have had a word with your doctor. Your safety and your health are way too important to be toyed with just because you can get cheap painkillers or pain medications online.

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Although an online pharmacy keeps all kinds of medicines there are some types which should be refrained from. One such category is that of painkillers which should never be acquired from a no prescription pharmacy courtesy of their strong nature and possibility of side effects.

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