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Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Why Narconon Drug Rehab is Dangerous

Narconon, the drug rehab affiliate of the Church of Scientology, operates nearly 200 treatment facilities throughout the world; and in addition to this substantial physical investment, they also maintain a very impressive web presence, and much of the information on offer on the first page of Google on all topics related to addiction comes from Narconon or its related rehabs.

And it's scary, because what they say seems so sensible and reasonable, and it's only with further research do you find just how unfounded are their treatments, how completely unverified their practices, the low regard in which they are held by real addictions professionals, and how their method of drug rehab can even be dangerous.

Narconon, although Scientology, no actual science!

The treatment philosophy of Narconon comes verbatim from the writings and work of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, a man who misrepresented his scientific credentials and seemingly had little real scientific understanding. And although groups like the AMA have called into questions practices at the treatment centers as dangerous, Narconon advocates defend their pseudoscience with a religious fervor.

No medications---a dangerous philosophy

Although most if not all of their treatment is based upon abstract and wrong scientific theory, most is relatively harmless if not effective, but the Narconon philosophy that does not allow for medications in treatment can do real harm, and in some cases can even kill (Why Narconon is dangerous).

Narconon argues that since drugs are the problem in an addict's life, it makes little sense to use more drugs as the solution; which sounds kind of logical, but really makes little sense.

Drugs that get people high can create addictions, non psychoactive drugs generally don't; and simply because someone has a problem with an addiction to a psychoactive drug does not preclude them from benefiting from modern medical science.

This policy can even be dangerous, and there are certain drugs such as alcohol, benzodiazepines and other CNS depressants that can create dangerous detoxification symptoms during withdrawal if left un-medicated. The detox treatment for alcohol is easy, a small dose of a CNS depressant can render the detox completely safe and far more comfortable; but you will not get even this basic medical care in a Narconon drug rehab.

Patients checking into a drug rehab will very commonly exhibit a dual diagnosis of an accompanying disorder (depression, anxiety etc.) and although these can be managed through appropriate medication, in Narconon, saunas will have to do instead.

Get help that will actually help

The problems with Narconon are many, and they really do not offer anyone a fair chance at sobriety. Their programs are based on pseudoscience and their methods unsafe and sometimes absurd. If you need drug rehab, you owe it to yourself to do some research, and make sure you check into a facility that does offer scientifically and therapeutically proven therapies.

Don’t listen to Kirsti AlleyHealth Fitness Articles, Narconon is dangerous.

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Christian Shire is an addictions professional writing about all matters pertaining to treatment and recovery. If you need help making a decision about treatment visit ChooseHelp to read more.


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