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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Women Who Strength Train Stay Younger For Longer

We used to believe certain changes to our body were an inevitable part of getting older and we could expect to experience negative and unpleasant changes.

However, while aging plays a role, a lack or not enough proper physical activity is a major contributing factor to these changes.

Ask yourself the following questions and if the answers do not please you be reassured that there is simple solution to slow down or even reverse these changes:

What are the years doing to your body shape?

Do you feel you have lost strength?

Does a busy day leave you exhausted?

Do you need to eat less to maintain your weight?

Do you notice soft fat where there used to be firm muscle?

Do you feel or think you look older than you would like?

As our modern day lives do not have any real physical "work" built in to them anymore our bodies adapt to this by downgrading their operating systems to match the lesser work load. Even 50 years ago our mothers or our grandmothers were much more physically active each day and remained strong and slim.

As the amount of lean muscle tissue we have on our body governs our metabolic rate any loss causes a decline in the rate of fuel we process and burn. The gradual loss of muscle can start a vicious cycle as it weakens the whole body. It weakens the immune system, bones, nerve cells, hormones, and the heart system etc and sets the stage for body fat to accumulate with its associated health risks.

What many adults overlook or are just not aware of is the importance of doing activities throughout their whole life that challenge their muscles to get stronger. Loss of muscle tissue is not something that only occurs in older adults as even young adults lose muscle if it is not purposefully maintained. But it does not have to be that way.

There is only one way to stop your muscles from wasting away: strength training exercise. It doesn't matter if you are a 40-year-old runner or a 75-year-old grandmother if you don't build muscle, you will lose muscle.

Is false belief about strength training like building big man like muscles preventing you from experiencing the many benefits strength training has to offer? Woman who strength train on a regular basis as their primary exercise activity have greater bone density, are stronger, leaner, firmer, shapelier and way smaller than those who give up strength training in favor of aerobic type exercise (walking jogging, cycling etc) only.

The fact is it is the absence of load bearing activity on the muscular system that causes the body to grow old quickly and accumulate fat more easily. Proper strength training exercise can rebuild, reshape and rejuvenate your body like no other exercise can and it doesn't take many weeks to see and feel results.

As well as the physical improvements woman who strength train report improved mental well-being, the ability to handle stress more effectively and sleep better all contributing to reduced anxiety and depression. They also reported increased self esteem, more confidence, energy and feeling happier with their appearance and their lives.

Make sure you see a fitness professional at your local gym to set up your program, teach you proper exercise technique and show you how it should feel to work out at the correct level of intensity to ensure you get maximum results. All it takes is 2-3 short sessions a week to improve how you feel, what you can do, and how you look - and it just keeps getting better - for the rest of your life!

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