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Friday, December 6, 2019
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Want Better Pictures? Here Is A Digital Photo Tutorial

Making your photographs truly remarkable isn't all that difficult once you understand a few - easy to master - tips. Here is a quick digital photo tutorial...

Putting some pizazz in your photography isn't all that difficult once you know and understand a few basic techniques. Here's a quick digital photo tutorial to help get you started in the right direction...

First digital photo tutorial tip - Take your camera OFF the automatic settings!

Your camera is a machine and doesn't have a creative bone in its body. In fact it doesn't have ANY bones in its body - just a bunch of uncreative electronics.

All the automatic settings do is calculate the simplest way to get enough light onto your digital sensor - or film - while eliminating camera shake.

It's the photographer - YOU - that brings the creativity to the mix.

There are many creative options that are available by changing the shutter speed or aperture settings to match your subject matter! The camera totally disregards, if you want better - eye popping - photos, the first step is to take the camera off automatic.

Second digital photo tutorial tip - Learn what the various settings do.

Go outside and find a subject to experiment on. For example, let's use a flower.

Put your camera on automatic and take a shot. Make a note of the settings the camera selected. (It's best if you use a tripod so that the camera will be in the same position for every shot.) Shoot so that there is some sort of background, not just sky.

Next, change your camera to manual and start shooting photos in half stop increments from 2 stops below and up to 2 stops above the auto setting. Be sure to adjust the shutter speed accordingly, or use aperture priority.

What happened to the background? Which do you like better? You've taken 9 totally different shots now and it is unlikely that your favorite will be the one with settings selected by your camera on automatic.

Now find a moving object...such as a street with moving cars. Now repeat the exercise only this time you are shooting with different shutter speeds and their appropriate apertures.

You should see a major difference. PLUS you'll learn why it is so important to work with your camera on manual. As a machine, it just can't give you the creativity you need to get photos with that elusive "WOW" factor.

Third digital photo tutorial tip - The color of light.

Pay attention to the color of light! The color changes dramatically from early morning through noon and into the evening.

A so so, blah picture taken at noon may be the most stunning photo you've ever seen at sunset.

Pick a stationary object...such as a city skyline, and run another experiment.

This time, set your alarm and roll out of bed before dawn. Shoot a bunch of photos of your skyline as the sun rises. Get several shots spread out from about an hour before dawn to an hour after.

Then shoot some more test photos from about 11:00 am to about 1:00.

Finally, shoot from an hour before sunset to an hour after.

Believe it or notScience Articles, you will be astounded at the difference you'll see both in the color of the light and in the quality of your photos.

Warning! To get superior photos WILL take some experimentation. The camera CAN'T do it for you! I hope you'll take this digital photo tutorial to heart and actually get out there and try it.

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