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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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13 Proven Steps for Sure-Fire Success with Any Business Opportunity

Have you been wondering when the real money is going to come into your life? How many business opportunities have you gone through and still no success? I feel your pain. What EVERYONE needs to succeed is a proven ‘system’ for winning. Here are 13 principles for surefire business success…

Do you have your own business opportunity that you want to succeed at but you are currently going through a slump? Here are 13 proven steps to help to get your business moving in the right direction towards profitability.

1.) DESIRE: Nothing of great value ever happens until you have a burning desire to succeed that is so strong nothing can deter you. To master anything of great value you must possess a strong desire to obtain it.

2.) FAITH: Most people never take action because they lack faith in themselves. When adversity arises they fold due to a lack of faith and weak desire. Belief in YOURSELF and having a rock-solid plan gives you tremendous energy.

3.) AUTO-SUGGESTION: Using the power of the subconscious is powerful. Your subconscious mind needs to be in agreement with what your conscious mind wants to achieve. Otherwise it is like driving a car with one foot hard on the gas and the other foot hard on the brake pedal. Auto-suggestion can drive you to success like a magnet in any business opportunity.

4.) SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE: General knowledge is basically worthless. Knowing how to find the right specialized knowledge you need to accomplish your business opportunity goals is worth its weight in gold.

5.) IMAGINATION: you may have heard how a Korean or Vietnam POW plays a perfect game of golf in his mind each day while being held prisoner. When he comes home from the war he plays that perfect game. Another POW builds his dream house in his mind brick by brick and when he comes home he brings it to reality.

Using your imagination for success is strong and very important when used right. The warrior or athlete sees himself ‘winning’ before he goes out to compete or do battle.

6.) ORGANIZED PLANNING: as the old saying goes, ‘Those who fail to plan, plan to fail’. Time management skills can maximize your business productivity a hundred fold.

7.) DECISION: Making an important decision and then sticking with it is something that successful people do. Failures cannot make up their mind or they all of the sudden change their mind. This is the same as procrastination.

8.) PERSISTENCE: The late great Thomas Edison said that success is 99% perspiration and only 1% inspiration. Persistence pays off in any business opportunity. It is like sweat equity. If you persist long enough you can succeed.

9.) POWER OF THE MASTER MIND: it is said that when two or more minds come together for a common purpose (like a business opportunity) it creates a larger, more powerful ‘third mind’. The most successful people in the world align themselves at least once a week with other successful people of like thoughts and goals.

10.) THE MYSTERY OF SEX TRANSMUTATION: This is simply switching your sexual thoughts and imagination into thoughts of business success and productivity instead. This is why most young men cannot obtain success. Their flesh dictates their thoughts and desires.

An older man on the other hand is quieted down sexually even though he can still be sexually active. He can concentrate on his goals and dreams more. Your natural sexual thoughts and desires can be controlled and turned into thoughts of business success if your business goals, dreams and desires are strong enough.

11.) THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND: Understanding and knowing how to use the power of your subconscious mind can yield you great wealth. Your subconscious mind never sleeps. It is an Electro-magnetic, transmitter-receiver and works like an advanced auto-gyroscope that automatically keeps your ship on course, moving in the right direction.

12.) THE BRAIN: Everyone has one but most people don’t use it like they should. Common sense is not all that common. Learn to ask your brain important questions for solving problems in your business. You will get answers.

13.) THE SIXTH SENSE: Hunches usually come from the subconscious mind doing its job. When hunches come it is important to act on them immediately.

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Lee Cusano has been successful in his own business opportunity since 1991. Lee also offers an ‘Amazing 6-Step Formula’ that can help you grow any business like crazy. You can download it instantly by visiting

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