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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
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The Real Score Behind The Sticky Buddy

The Sticky Buddy is a home maintenance and grooming tool that works much like a lint roller. It is coated with a sticky-when-dry gel surface that picks up hair, crumbs, ...

The Sticky Buddy is a home maintenance and grooming tool that works much like a lint roller. It is coated with a sticky-when-dry gel surface that picks up hair, crumbs, dandruff and dust from your clothing, car seats and furniture. And with its revolutionary silicone attribute, it effortlessly transitions to a slippery tool with a little bit of water, thereby making it washable – something the common lint roller is not able to compete with. According to Sticky Buddy reviews, it works well with any fabric, from silk to suede, and can even be used on kitchen counters, carpets and floors. It is said to be so flexible and accommodating that you would not have to consider anything else. But as with all products, there are a few downsides to it as well as upsides. To get a better feel of whether or not this is something you could buy for your convenience, here are some of the things you should know.

As far as the mechanism of action goes, the concept is pretty simple. And if you’ve ever spent hundreds of dollars on disposable lint rollers, you’d certainly end up appreciating the sustainability of the Sticky Buddy. Sure, its claim may be the type to draw in scepticism, especially if the proof is not experienced first-hand. But there have been numerous feedbacks from current users that corroborate with what most advertisements are saying.

According to instructional videos, all you have to do is place the Sticky Buddy under running water and wait until the particles begin to loosen up and fall off. If you’d like you could add in some mild soap to sanitize the equipment. And then to dry, all you need to do is pat it off with a towel and then wait until the silicone recovers its sticky attribute. And for a reasonable price of $10.99 a piece or $24 for a pack of four, there’s no doubt you are getting a bargain.

Now, you might be curious about its competitor products and whether or not they offer a more favorable deal when it comes to preserving cleanliness. Well, as far as specifications go, they pretty much offer the same benefits. It is with the costs that they differ. And although it may read like a promotional ploy, you could actually go to retailer stores and confirm for yourself the fact that the Sticky Buddy is actually the most affordable reusable lint brush out there today.

As far as the disadvantages go, there are Sticky Buddy reviews that offer some interesting perspective to the product. For example, there are those that claim that it’s actually very difficult to clean up. In the real world, the debris the tool picks up do no come lose after it is placed under water. So you need to manually pick them off, which should make your usual clean up routine longer than is necessary. And if you consider the processing, handling and shipping fees when you buy online, the costs don’t actually just limit themselves to $11. Does it save you money? Perhaps, that is unless you already own a broom, lint roller and vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, it is just any other accessory. As far as reusability goes, users establish that it’s not something you can rely on forever. So at some point, you will have to adapt to the norm and go with what’s conventional when it comes to clean ups. The verdict mainly rests on whether or not you have the resources and the desire to explore further the merchandize. If yesHealth Fitness Articles, then go ahead and buy.

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