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Monday, July 23, 2018
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The Secret To Sponsoring More People Guaranteed

How would you like to be a sponsoring magnetic that draws people into your business of Network Marketing? Continue Reading to learn the secret to sponsoring more people absolutely Guaranteed!

What is the real secret to sponsoring more people? What is the one thing that can guarantee you sponsor more people? Is it something I said or is it something I did not say? How would you like to be a sponsoring magnetic that draws people into your business of Network Marketing? Continue Reading to learn the secret to sponsoring more people absolutely guaranteed!

Learn to listen to other people and find out what their needs are. Keep in mind it is not about you, but it is about them. What kind of work are they presently doing or have they done? Are they married or single? Do they have kids and if so how many? If they are looking for away to make extra money what would they be willing to do to earn extra money? Interview them as to their eligibility for a position with your company. Remember, this is a business not a hobby and we are looking for people that are willing to do some simple work not the something for nothing crowd.

Network Marketing is not unlike any business. It is a Business! People need to understand this business is about sales and earning commissions not a guaranteed salary like a Job. Of course, this business is not about selling products or services (if someone wants to sale products or services offered they can) this business is about selling an opportunity to make money. In Network Marketing we sale people a Dream!

Once you have found your candidate for your business you need to set up a time to show them your opportunity. Personally I like to give them a website to check out then get back with them in a couple of days to see what they think. If they do not have access to the internet I ask them for a deposit of $5 to $20 to cover the cost of the package (create value), then I get back to them in 3 to 5 days. Of course, they can get their deposit back if they return everything in reusable condition.

The presentation you give will sell the prospect on your business, but the real job you have is selling the prospect on You. People do not join an opportunity they join people. Are you the individual that can help them succeed this time? When they have questions or need something are you going to be there to help them? And guess what it is not just about business that you need to be there for them – It Is Personal! People Do Join People – People That Can Help Them Get What They Want - Listen!

The presentation should be precise and it should include Video, Booklet, and the necessary Forms that are needed to get started. The presentation should create value and should show any and all systems that will help the prospect to be successful. Yes, the presentation is very important to help your prospect understand and walk them through the process step-by-step what they will need to do to succeed.

You can sponsor more people if you put the presentation before the masses (it is a numbers game). But to be a sponsoring magnetic you have to relate to people. What do they want, what do they need? It is about other people not just about you! If you make people feel it is about you they will feel like they are being used. None of us want to be used, do we?

I like the saying, “Do not use people, Use money.” To begin a business you need to allocate a certain amount of money to building your business. This is not a something for nothing business! As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as something for nothing. I should know I have wasted a good portion of my life trying to find it! Believe me if something for nothing were out there I would have already found it and gobbled it all up.

This business of Network Marketing is about investing in people. People that will become your best friends, and if you invest in them by getting to know them you will build a business that will yield you true residual income. If you sponsor people and move on just sponsoring people then you will always have to keep recruiting and recruiting. It is better to build slowly over time and make friends then build hard and fast and not know or remember who anyone is. Do you want a people helping people business or a friend helping friend business? Friend Helping Friend Is A Life-Time of Business!

The way I like to build my business is handing out Business Cards, mailing letters, contacting people by phone, running ads, etc. I am looking for people that want a business and I enjoy talking to people. Personally I do not like selling products/services. I am looking for business investors and people with Dreams. As a matter of fact if someone has no dreams, no desires I do not partner with them. You Do Not Need to Sign Everyone You Come in Contact With – You Should Be Selective!

Network Marketing is a 3 to 5 year plan and if you are only in it 3 to 6 months to see whether it will work or not do not get involved. I will save you a lot of anguish and grief you will not make any money long term, and probably not much at all. Any business has to be treated like a business and worked. You must invest money, time, and effort to make any business pay off and Network Marketing is no different!

If you will work your business of Network Marketing and give it 3 to 5 years believe me this business will pay off like no other business you have ever seen. In 3 to 5 years you can be earning a six-figure income. I am not just talking six-figure yearly, but it is possible to make that your monthly income! How Would You Like to Earn a Six-Figure Residual Income Every Month After Month After Month? That Is the Secret of Network Marketing Sales!!! Get Your Share!

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