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Friday, April 10, 2020
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Why Do You Need To Stay Away From Cheap MLM Leads?

Home business professionals are always looking for leads to build their business with.  But, with dozens of companies, maybe hundreds, how do you find leads that work?  Should you shop by price alone?  What is wrong with buying cheap MLM leads?  Are there other factors to keep in mind when choosing leads?

How many times have you heard "You get what you pay for?" When people buy cheap MLM leads for their home business, they get what they pay for.. Its like the person who buys a Ford Fiesta and wants it to race like a Ferrari. It just ain't gonna happen. Follow my line of thinking here - If you buy cheap leads then you are going to get "Ford Fiesta"-like results. If you want "Ferrari"-like results, then focus your efforts on using premium home business leads. After all, a Ford Fiesta will never be able to go where a Ferrari will take you. Let me give you three very brief reasons why you should avoid cheap MLM leads and you should be driving a Ferrari instead.

1. Return on Investment. It is true that premium home business leads wll cost 3 to 7 times more than cheap ones. But if all you are looking at is the cost, then it is time to change where you are looking. ROI is far more important. Tell me, would you rather spend $100 for 100 leads and enroll 1, or would you rather spend $100 on 25 leads and enroll 1?  It may look the same but it is not. In network marketing you are just not recruiting. You are recruiting recruiters.

If you could see the statistics you would see that cheap leads yield cheap recruits who do not recruit.  Higher quality of leads tend to produce higher quality recruits, who in turn recruit others.  You need to change from seeing things as an employee, such as the cost, and see things as a business owner, such as ROI.  Premium leads have a much higher ROI.

2. Your Time.  You are not an employee anymore.  You are a business owner.  As an employee, you show up to work, put in your time, and go home.  As  a business owner, your time is valuable.  You cannot waste time on cheap leads.  In the above example, the person with cheap leads called through 100 leads to get 1 recruit.  The person with premium leads called through 25 leads to get 1 recruit. 

In other words, to get 4 new recruits, the second person would have to call through 100 premium MLM leads.  The first person would have to call through 400 cheap MLM leads to get the same results.  It doesn’t take much common sense to see who is making better use of their time and who has the mindset of a business owner.

3. Quality of Sources.  In the world of home business leads, cheap mlm leads are a dime-a-dozen.  Companies that sell cheap leads get them from cheap sources who sell them multiple times to other companies. In other words, you think you’re saving a couple bucks, but in reality your buying not cheap leads, but crappy leads.  It is not uncommon for a cheap lead to have been sold 10-20 times or more within a day or two.

On the other hand, premium leads tend to originate from higher quality sources, through higher quality sources, which are protected by contracts and exclusivity rights to insure higher quality leads.  Furthermore, higher quality systems control distribution so that you receive not only a lead that is not oversold, but has not been sold to anyone else in your company, and is delivered to you more reliably.

Let me conclude by saying this.  How many of the top distributors in your MLM or network marketing company do you see driving a Ford Fiesta?  Zero.  Remember, a Ford Fiesta will never be able to go where a Ferrari will take you.  Buying cheap leads to try and build your business will never take you where you dream of going.  Focus on the ROI, the value of your timeBusiness Management Articles, and using quality sources for building your home business. 

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Rich Niccolls is the owner of and has been working with home business professionals for nearly 10 years in providing quality" target="_blank">MLM Leads.  They have quality real time local, redirected, national, and female only leads.

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