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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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DIY Tips For Fixing Erosion And Landscaping Damage

DIY tips for fixing erosion and landscaping damage due to heavy rain and poor drainage include identifying problem areas and water paths, building in preventive measures, and getting professional help when needed. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Heavy rains can be devastating to structures and landscaping. Foundations crack, expensive lawns and shrubs wash away, and trees fall, threatening family safety and property values. If your home has suffered the ravages of heavy rain, downspout extensions can help prevent further erosion and landscaping damage as you develop a water plan and identify areas in need of repair.

Prevent Further Damage With Downspout Extensions

There is no point in starting repairs if the cause of the problem has not been addressed. Downspout extensions provide an easy, affordable way to redirect water away from structures and vulnerable landscaping. Flexible gutter extension tubing is simply attached to the downspout and water is discharged where it will do the least amount of harm.

Inspect Rain Gutters For Clogs & Leaks

Most homes are designed to provide for adequate runoff and absorption of average rainfall. Rain gutters that are clogged or leak can interfere with this process, causing water to soak into crawl spaces, under foundations, or to threaten vulnerable landscaping. Look for splash marks, moldy or mossy areas, or rust on the gutters themselves. Properly maintaining and cleaning rain gutters is one of the simplest ways to prevent further erosion damage. Rather than replacing an entire gutter system when only a small area is damaged, you can use plastic liners made specifically for that purpose.

Identify Critical Problem Areas

Just as hospitals use triage to determine which patients need to be seen first and who can wait, homeowners dealing with erosion and landscaping damage must assess the situation to identify critical areas. If a tree is threatening to fall on the home, it is far more important to get family members safely away until an expert can correct the situation than it is to save some beloved bulbs. Once safety and structural issues are addressed and future rainwater is redirected away safely with gutter extensions and rollout downspout extensions, other problem areas can be identified and dealt with effectively.

Create A Water Plan

Create a water plan by printing out an aerial view of the property and note problem areas, normal flow of water, and the location of downspouts. This can help you identify the best locations for shorter, automatic downspout extensions and places where longer, flexible gutter extensions would be beneficial. Rollout downspout extensions are available in lengths ranging from 4 to 9 feet and flexible downspout extensions are 25 and 50 feet long.

Repair Where You Can

Very often, simply controlling future runoff with downspout extensions is all the landscaping repair that is needed. Most plants will recover from their temporary drowning. Waterlogged lawns benefit from spiking or plugging, to improve aeration. For more delicate landscaping plantings, a fan can be used to speed drying time. If you suspect damage to the foundation or if standing water is found under the home, however, it is important to hire professional help to evaluate the situation and make any necessary repairs.

By properly maintaining rain gutters, installing well placed automatic downspout extensions and flexible downspout extensions, creating a water plan, monitoring water flow and inspecting regularly for water damageArticle Submission, homeowners can minimize the damage caused by erosion and flooding.

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Rainguard Corporation provides valuable information about how to recover from and prevent erosion and water damage using downspout extensions, water plans, and drainage tips.

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