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Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary With Modern Furniture

Your bedroom should be a place you retire to to forget the stresses of the day. No furnishings pull it off quite like modern bedroom furniture.

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Decorating one's bedroom tends to deal a lot with personal choice. Some choose to go with a modern decor and modern furniture while others go with a more contemporary decor. Whether your choice is modern home decor, contemporary home decor or something totally different, it will accurately reflect your personal choice.


The bedroom is one area of the house that the decorating is strictly for one's own enjoyment and relaxation. While many times a bedroom is redecorated when a house is being put up for sale, when the original decorating is done, it is done to aid in the relaxation and enjoyment of the personal sanctuary that is one's bedroom.


Modern Decorating Tips

One way to achieve a modern look is to pick one specific color and decorate using different hues of that color, for example use many different shades of brown or purple instead of combining colors. Another way to ensure your decor is more modern is to choose simple patterns instead of fancier versions. The furniture for the modern look tends to be simple, clean, straight lines of darker colored wood. When accessorizing your bedroom for the modern look, be careful to keep the little extras to a minimum. The idea behind the modern look is uncluttered and clean. Over accessorizing tends to add a cluttered look to the room, defeating the attempt at the modern look.


The modern look is a very good choice for those wanting that clean, simple line. To lighten up a room, stick with lighter colors when choosing your color scheme, paying close attention to the woods being used. You can keep the room light while still using the darker shaded woods recommended in modern decorating. Choosing a tan instead of a deep brown for the wall paint will brighten the room considerably, even while sticking to the darker hued wood for the furnishings.


Contemporary Decorating Tips

Contemporary style can be easily achieved by trying to stick with neutral colors that compliment each other. While there should be a few statement pieces around the room, most of the decorating should be done in shades such as tan, taupe and gray. Whichever neutral colors you choose, make sure they will complement each other. Simple lines, much like the modern look, work well for the stylish contemporary look. The statement pieces should provide splashes of brilliant color throughout the room but should not over power the room. A statement piece such as a vividly colored painting hanging over the dresser would draw attention to the painting but would not draw the attention completely away from the room itself. One other difference between modern and contemporary is that for contemporary decorating, light colored furniture is recommended rather than the darker hues suggested for modern decorating.


The contemporary look is quite popular with its multi-hued paint scheme and lighter woods. The lighter woods tend to make a small room look larger and the different shades of color tend to draw the attention away from the walls, trying to take in all of the decorating that has been done. Vivid accent pieces should draw the eye to the main focal point of the room, perhaps over the main bureau. Use of too many accent pieces will create the cluttered look one is trying to avoid, so just select one or two. In the bedroom area, one should choose window treatments that will help to block out noise as well as light. Minimize the number of pillows placed on the bed as this will create a cluttered look all of its own.


One thing that is quickly noticed about these two decorating styles is the similarities between them. Modern uses simple, clean lines as does contemporary. Modern uses one color, whereas contemporary uses different shades of the same color. Limited clutter is recommended. The biggest difference that one can notice is that the contemporary style wants a statement piece, whereas modern just puts it all together. The statement piece in contemporary is really a personal taste statement. The two decorating styles are nearly the same, the difference lying in the color schemes. An accent piece in modern decorating could be the statement piece in contemporary decorating and vice versa.


When creating either of these looksFree Articles, one must be careful to keep the style a bit personal and avoid the strict sterile quality that can easily be reached by not using accent or statement pieces. The lack of personalization creates a hotel room look instead of a homey bedroom look that you are trying to achieve.

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Rodney Morrissey has been a fan of modern design his whole life.  When his friend asked him for input on his coffee shop, he suggested modern furniture for coffee shops and the place looks great.

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