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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Make Your First Decorating Endeavor A Success

Decorating can be a very fun and rewarding use of your time. But there are people who, despite having the desire to decorate, aren't sure where to start. For those people here are some simple but effective tips on how to make your first decorating endeavor a success.

You just moved into a new apartment, new house, or simply have a new room to decorate. You donít have the extra money to hire a decorator or you would rather do it yourself. Thatís great! Decorating can be a fun and rewarding use of your time. But if itís your first time trying your hand at decorating than you may be at a loss; so here are some simple tips to help make decorating a positive experience with a amazing outcome.

Less Is More: Youíve probably heard this saying before about other aspects of life but it remains true for decorating as well. You could have the most beautiful decorations in the world but if there is too much of them then their beauty is forgotten and all people feel when they enter the room is overwhelmed. I know from firsthand experience. I used to live with a roommate who had traveled all around the world and brought back beautiful pieces with her, but she had them so concentrated that 90% of the house was overwhelming and gave you a headache to be in. So keep it simple, if you are working with an entire house try and give each room a theme. For example if you have a collection of darker paintings put them in one of the lighter rooms, the contrast will be pleasant. If you are only working with one room or an apartment then start by picking out the pieces that are important to you and go from there. Just remember to not clutter the wall or the room itself, space the decorations evenly out, and keep it appealing to the eye.

Experiment: If you have someone helping you then this is a good time to use them. Before you actually start hammering nails into the walls take each of your pieces and have your helper hold them up against a certain spot on the wall. See if the placement feels good to you and if not move on. You can even purchase those none stick hooks from Command Products and use those to hang and place decorations before you are sure of your decision. Another trick is when you purchase new decorations to keep the price tag on them, then do your experiments, and if there are any pieces you feel you shouldnít have brought then it is easy to take them back and get something in place of them.

Be Creative: Any can hang pictures perfectly symmetrical or go with the most obvious choice. If symmetry is what makes you happy than go with it, but if it isnít then start thinking outside the box. Place your pictures in a collage or place them going down diagonally. Mix and match until you figure out what feels right to you. Remember some of the best decorations come from being different and thinking outside the box, so even if your idea seems absurd try it before you throw it to the side. You might just be pleasantly surprised by what the results are.

Be Yourself: †The worst thing you could ever do when it comes to any part of your life is to not be true to who you are. Who cares if you think a little differently, or if other people donít understand your decorative ideas? Youíre doing this for you not for them. This house/apartment/room that your decorating is yours and the outcome matters the most for you. So let your personality and your heart show through in decorating, let everyone know that you did this and that your proud of it.

There you have itFree Articles, some very simple but effective tips for decorating. I hope that this will help you to make your first decorating endeavor a success.

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