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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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Mold Remediation: Why It is Important for Your House and Health

When basements end up getting wet, mold remediation may be in the near future. Mold can cause damage to your health and housing if left unattended for long.

Mold remediation will have to take place if leaks occur in basements or other areas within a home. While many homeowners pay attention to their roof leaks, they may overlook another common culprit where mold develops - the basement. When water seeps into this lower level of a house, it can create destruction in the flooring, furnishings, wallboards, and more. Because so many of these bottom floor spaces within a home are used for storing items, some valuable property such as important paperwork, photo albums, and more can be ruined. Even boxes of memorabilia such as heirloom Christmas ornaments or baby clothes can be trashed. While these may not be worth big dollars in replacement costs, the heart-wrenching losses along with mildew spreading throughout this dank space may equate to disaster.

Here are a few problems to look out for to prevent mold-causing leaks:

- Leaks from upstairs: Because basements are the lowest level in a house, any leaks that occur on upper levels will likely drip downward. That means that if someone left the bathtub of sink running until it overflowed, this can lead to even the lowest level of your house becoming wet. If plumbing pipes burst somewhere upstairs, gravity will pull that moisture downward as well.

- Clogged rain gutters: The spouts from a rain gutter may become clogged up with leaves or other debris. When this happens, the water that would normally be diverted to a safe distance from the house is landing in an inappropriate spot that's too close for comfort. If it's flooding right next to the building, liquid might be seeping in.

- Broken sprinkler pipes: Sprinkler pipes or hose bibs that have burst or cracked may be leaking through the ground and into building, too. The landscaping sprinkler pipes and hose bibs should be checked for leaks on a regular basis.

- Storms that have flooded the area: Another cause of wet basements is flooding from dangerous storms. If heavy rains or snow melting have occurred near the building, this overflow may have seeped through to the lower part of the structure.

- Broken sewer line: Another problem that sometimes occurs is a broken sewer line nearby. This may be a homeowner's responsibility or that of the local municipality or utility company. Whatever it is, it must be remedied right away. If not, not only will the water lead to mold, but the bacteria in the overflow can be hazardous to health, as well.

- Illnesses related to mold: Not only will mold destroy building materials, it will also create havoc with human health. Breathing difficulties, asthma, bronchitis, allergic reactions and more can occur in the inhabitants when moldy infestations occur.

What to do if you have discovered a leak in your house? The first step to take would be to fix the source of the leak. Next, a professional mold remediation team should be brought in to survey the situationFree Articles, especially if the problem has gone a long time without notice. These surfaces can't be painted over or ignored or the problem will multiply.

Mold remediation is a task that should be done by professionals. This is a serious problem that may destroy structural components as well as hamper human health. The basement is one area within a home where leakiness can lead to trouble.

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