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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Permanent Bed Bug Control

Once you've had a full-fledged bed bug infestation, you'll want to take measures to prevent it from ever happening again. That's where bed bug control through insecticides and other products comes in handy.

If your home has already suffered infestation from certain creepy crawlies that reside in the mattress of your beds or the cushions of your sofa, you'll probably appreciate any type of bed bug control or prevention measures that can be used to keep these little pests from entering your home in the first place! There are some simple measures which can be taken to prevent these bugs from taking up residence in your home, as well as some chemical weapons that can be used on a regular basis if you really want to go on the offensive full force!

Check Your Mattress for Holes

Holes and tears in your mattress may be a sign that bed bugs are actually living inside your mattress. While the adults may not be biting anymore, their eggs may slowly be developing and getting ready for a full force attack in the near future. If you notice little holes or tears in your mattress, it's best to throw it out and get a new one.

The same holds true for your furniture, curtains, rugs and anything material where these creatures can burrow and hide. Before throwing out the living room couch, though, you may wish to have a professional double-check it for you and see if it is infested.

Spray Your Mattress and Accoutrements with Pesticide

Crack & Crevice III Phenothrin, Tempo Ultra SC and Eco PCO D-X Exempt Dust can all be used to spray your mattress, night stand, dresses, couches, chairs, curtains or anywhere else the creatures may be hiding, according to Do It Yourself Pest Control. This insecticide is designed to kill both the adult and baby bed bugs.

So if you've recently been through an infestation and are looking for some extra bed bug control just in case one or two are still around, use this insecticide for peace of mind.

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

Since these tiny creatures can hide in all sorts of places, it's best to thoroughly vacuum out any cracks or crevices that you see near your walls, in your floors or even in your furniture! This will help to eliminate grown pests that may be hiding out in those small dark areas.

It may not be a bad idea to thoroughly vacuum and shampoo your carpet also. Consult a professional on what type of cleaning supplies would be best to use for bed bug control.

Call Professional Pest Control

You'll find that the best course of action is to call a professional pest control company as soon as you discover the invasion. A technician will come to inspect your home and administer treatment that is sure to kill a majority of the creatures. He'll also have many suggestions for preventing a recurrence.

So, if you're looking for peace of mind through bed bug control, try some of these options. Even though they may take extra timeArticle Search, you'll be glad when you don't have to deal with another full-fledged invasion! Prevention is always better than dealing with the problem after it occurs.

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