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Friday, August 7, 2020
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Roof Repair: Don't Make These Common Mistakes

Roof repair isn't something to be taken lightly unless you don't really care what happens to your home or commercial building. In fact, this one structural component literally covers you in the case o...

Roof repair isn't something to be taken lightly unless you don't really care what happens to your home or commercial building. In fact, this one structural component literally covers you in the case of inclement weather. Everything about your house lies beneath the roof. If this building component goes bad, all other parts of the structure will be affected. Your electrical wiring could short out and stop working or cause a fire. Your drywall on the walls and ceiling could crack and fall apart. Furniture, flooring, and everything else you own could get thrashed. Mold and mildew could creep in and turn your home-sweet-home or office building into an unlivable space with a "No Trespassing" sign posted on your front door. These repairs are nothing to mess around with. Don't make these mistakes!

- Forgetting to go up there: Roofs are hard to see from the ground. If you stand in your front yard and peer up there, you may say "looks fine to me" when there is actually trouble brewing. You have to climb up there to see what's really going on. Haul out the ladder, bring your broom and hammer. Sweep off all leaves, pine needles, and any other debris that's accumulated. Look for shingles that are loose and hammer them down. Note any wear and tear or pooling water. If there are problems, get them fixed!

- Hiring the wrong roofers: Did some guys come to your door offering a roof repair deal that seemed to be too good to be true? Did they want all the money up front for this once-in-a-lifetime offer? Do they resemble the faces on some of those "Wanted" posters at your local post office? They are the wrong contractors for you! Actually, they are likely not contractors at all but rather "con-artists." There's a difference. Always get references and check out their licenses with the Board of Contractors.

- Choosing the wrong materials: If you decide to re-roof, better make sure you choose the right materials. If you decide to tear off those asphalt shingles and replace it with that cool Southwest style tile, you better make sure your building can hold all that weight. It might look great for a couple of days until it crashes into your living room.

- Procrastinating for too long: Okay, you went up there on top of your house, did the inspection, and even got a few estimates for the job. You've always had trouble making decisions, so you just keep thinking about it. Besides, with the holidays coming up, there are lots of additional expenses in your future. Well, guess what? The rainy season is also coming up. If you don't take care of this problem when it's needed, it will be more than your bank account that's stressed. If insurance companies see that storm damages are due to neglected maintenance, they won't even step in to cover the problems.

Roof repair must be done right in order for it to be effective. Don't make the mistake of not climbing up there, hiring the wrong roofers, choosing the wrong materialsFree Web Content, or procrastinating - or you'll be sorry.

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