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Thursday, December 3, 2020
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Solar Panel Installation In Canberra, A.c.t.

Canberra solar power installation has been very active since the Australian Government announce that they will introduce a "Carbon Tax", commencing from July 1 2012.

Residents in the A.C.T. are predicted to face electricity price increases by up to 15 percent per year for the foreseeable future. The A.C.T. has set ambitious renewable energy targets of 25 percent by 2020, greater than the Federal Government target of 0 percent by the same date.

Canberra has a very extreme climate. In winter the temperature can easily get below zero and in summer Canberra experiences many days exceeding 35 Degree Celsius days. This means that Canberra residents have significant heating and cooling electricity bills. With power prices on the increase the demand for solar installation in peoples homes in Canberra is sky rocketing. A home solar panels system consists of solar panels being installed on the roof in a northerly facing direction. The number of solar panels installed ranges from around 10 for a small 1.5kilowatt system up to as many as 45 for large 5 kilowatt system. For most A.C.T. homes a 5kilowatt system will totally eliminate their power bill and even a small 1.5 or 3 kilowatt system can reduce the bill substantially. The price of a 1.5 kilowatt system, of a reasonable quality is around $1500 to $2500. The 'payback' period - that is,the amount of time required to recoup the cost of solar installation is quite reasonable and will improve as electricity prices continue to increase. The solar panels produce electricity from sunlight and this power is fed into an electrical device called an 'Inverter' which produces the alternating current required in houses. The systems do not produce power at night and do not have 'storage' such as battery systems. Any solar power not used in the home is 'exported' back onto the A.C.T. electricity network or 'grid'.

The key poits to look for when installing solar power in Canberra are:

-Quality solar panels

- Quality Inverter

- Warranty on installation and workmanship

- Preferably a Canberra based company - so support is there if required

- A largeFree Web Content, north facing roof or carport to mount the solar panels on

- A Clean Energy Council certified installer who has experience in installing solar panels for Canberra's conditions

The environmental impact of installing solar should not be underestimated. Each house can make a significant different in reducing CO2 emissions which are thought to be a key contributor to global warming. Solar energy is 'clean energy' meaning no carbon pollution is created in generating solar electricity. There has been discussion about the 'energy inputs' or the amount of power needed to manufacture the solar panels. Research indicates that the amount of power that solar panels produce is greater than the amount of electricity used in the fabrication of the panels by a factor of between 6 and 10 times.


If you live in Canberra and are worried about increasing power prices and the environment then looking at solar installation can be very worthwhile. Te cost of installing solar is around 50 percent less than even 3 years ago as competition and interest in solar power in the A.C.T. has increased. Remember to do your research and you can look forward to doing your bit for the environment and being less reliant on electricity from the grid!

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