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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Internet Marketing: Swipe! Create the Ultimate Swipe File

You have probably heard the term article marketing, but what does it mean? Is it okay to just copy someone elseís work and call it your own?

In internet marketing, article marketing, great sales pages and great marketing emails it turns out the best written are not truly created, they are swiped.

You have probably heard the term, but what does it mean? Is it okay to just copy someone elseís work and call it your own? No! That would be stealing. What you can do is copy the style of a given marketing piece.

Here is what I mean. Letís say there is a great headline like "Allergy Sufferers! Donít suffer one minute more!" Okay, I just made that up as an example. Assume that this headline has been wildly successful. You "swipe" it and change it to accommodate your target market. "Arthritis Sufferers! Donít suffer one second more!"

That is what is called a "swipe." Itís not the exact same wording. It is different. However, it does copy the style of the headline.

Now that you understand what a swipe is, lets move on to creating the ultimate swipe file.

The easy thing to do is to go to the office supply store and purchase a large 3 ring binder and at least one set of 8 tabs. Mark your tabs for emails, email subject lines, headlines, sales letters, power words, squeeze pages, upsell (pages that attempt to get you to buy another product) thank you pages, and misc.

Now begin to study marketing. You now get to quit throwing out all that spam you get. Itís now market research. Which emails succeed in getting you to read them? If you open a spam email, that email now goes in your "email subject lines" section of your binder.

If you actually read the email you just opened, you print it and put it into your "emails" section of your swipe file.

Carrying this analogy forward, if you purchase something and the sales letter convinced you to buy, it goes in the "sales letters" section. If you give up your name and email address and join someoneís list, print the page and put it into your "squeeze page" section.

Last, if you hear about a marketing campaign that pulls in large amounts of money, print out all the associated marketing materials and place them in your swipe binder.

Over time you will develop a resource that will help you to write better and better copy that sells. So donít wait for inspiration. Create a resource that will inspire you each and every time you sit down to write sales and marketing copy.

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