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Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Social media,

As we all know, "The Butterfly Effect" is the one in South America, the Amazon River basin tropical rainforest butterfly flapping its wings a few occasionally can cause a tornado in Texas two weeks later. Have to admit, this magical world is so chaotic, that we place in them and can not extricate themselves.

The rise of the Internet social tide is changing our lives.

In particular, microblogging and other forms of social media to promote the exchange of the majority of Internet users. From the very nature of social forms, as the true reality of social relations and behavior mapping, social media reality moved into a virtual online world. Some people may ask, End of the World community forums Do atmosphere and context of this discussion? Undeniably, the traditional community forum provides a space for us to determine the limitations of a community forum to disseminate topic-flow mode of transmission.

As members of the community, either go to browse for the subject, or take the initiative to create a new topic, as everyone opened in the Great Hall inside the National People's Congress delegates according to each topic discussed, it seems very high, but the influence how the final thing, or perhaps a group of people.

Social media. Microblogging products fit the reality of social relations shape is based on the relationship between its dissemination of information carrier, everyone is a media, everyone can interact with each other, exchange, and even strangers, even if it is separated by thousands of miles. It's like we live in a Tongzilou or courtyard, together chatting, as long as the relationship in, you will not face any interaction. So, everyone incarnation as a butterfly in the sky every now and then. In fact, even you did not realize, perhaps because some of your "action", as a "tornado" planted the seeds. , May be "chaos", but that is not virtual, where the platform is virtual, but its essence is socialized. You know, it is a world - sometimes more real than the real. Oh, you may open room today a microblogging record your epitaph tomorrow.

Spring garden extra duty, an affair to each event in the social media are our memories so profoundly: "trafficking in children" before and after the Spring Festival rescue, that money goes will be that microblogging on has left traces money minch, Xia Junfeng, we Almighty Jocie Kok children's shoes, and so on. Because of microblogging With the rise of social media, we can be closer to pay attention to these people, to imagine their life through their usual text and image recording.

"The Butterfly Effect" social media there is The Great Debate.

Zhu Wei, chief editor of the "Life Week" wrote: "microblogging to promote information disclosure, transparency and filth at are fired into the fresh sunlight. The microblogging enlightened individual consciousness, enlightened public awareness , thereby awakening individuals are committed to safeguarding the public interest more and more people to the completion of the baptism of the citizens here, completed in caring dialectical information on the basis of fair and information with each other just and so transparent, and a wide range of public oversight, is a symbol of social progress. "

Netherlands Apple microblogging analysis: "the degree of transparency of government information bad the retaliatory capability rumors about zero. Ethical bottom line, completely abandoned the low quality of the well-known media to make the eye. Sina name V disinformation transfer rumors, each with its own purpose . native Duan company, the overseas network warfare bodies for money for political purposes in waves, stirring up trouble. "

Some people say: "At the moment, the most horrible thing is what?, Not high-speed rail accident, but the next month, we will forget this event, like the Shanghai fire, like the Wenchuan earthquake, like urban management beating ... blindly angry youth, does not work. blindly obscenity uprising, has no effect. microblogging is not democracy boosters, but angry young spit droppings jars. "

Also been analyzed in the Bowen said: microblogging original communication, but now a growing number of micro-Bo led to fewer and fewer face-to-face communication; the microblogging originally want to make good use of all the fragments of time, now we have to spend a lot of time in the above; microblogging hope to create a real-time, real exchange atmosphere, a result, some people only diving does not speak; microblogging expect people to record their thoughts at any time, the results of discrete points lead to a lack of depth the idea of ??stuffing.

Contending, look at the issue from a different angle, is very interesting. I believe that social media and there is nothing wrong there is nothing wrong with the nature of the product itself microblogging - In fact, the reaction of the microblogging phenomena and the problem is the social reality existing phenomenon and a true portrayal of. Do not forget, people microblogging is composed of a real society, there is a great variety carries different ideas. Because people are busy with life and did not seriously examine personal awareness and public awareness, only to go through each individual valuable reminders and supervision. Why the rumors? First, from the source analysis, often, when we make a judgment on someone or something, because of the asymmetry of information, using only the most representative of all of the information one - almost all places in all ideas, no too many people will want to - this is a common social psychology, not the fault of the individual. Contains more truth (and as for you, believe it or not, anyway, I believe) than the real thing because sometimes something untrue. Okay, why it happened asymmetric information? This problem, do not know how to explain it, want readers to think about it ...

In short, the real world the true beauty evil microblogging has social media from the real world. Each psychological reality will be using microblogging manifested topic - you are an unscrupulous businessman, then you can no matter what the rumors are not rumors, as long as they make money and consequently dry; you a very rational person would like in the words and deeds of facing some criticism and heat waves when you choose silence, select silently waiting for an explanation; your pursuit of justice, and the pursuit of equality, you will continue to discuss those topics you would like to appeal to the conscience to remind others through their own words and deeds ...

We are convinced that social media rumors and indelible. We recognize that Renyankewei, we will unwittingly involved in to broadcast rumors behavior activities. We adhere to, there may be residual brain, there may be extremeFree Web Content, but we still insisted rational "Angry Young Men". All stems from the good row should be sure - believe that the existence of the "Butterfly Effect".

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