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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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The Real Truth About How To Make Money With Adsense

It is true that you can make money with Adsense, anybody can. But, not everybody can earn BIG money with Adsense. Read on to find out the real truth behind earning 6 figure incomes with Adsense.

The technique behind making money with Adsense is simplicity itself. Host a website, display ads on the website and earn money every time a user clicks on one of the ads. Anyone can accomplish this part. The trick is to get such a high volume of visitors to your websites that the even if a small percent of them click on your ads, you stand to make money with Adsense by the bucket!

Write Keyword Rich Content

For you to be able to make money with Adsense, it is important the visitors to your website click on your ads. For this, it is important that your ads are related to the content on your page. If the content and the ads are completely unrelated to each other, there is very little chance that a visitor will get interested in them and click on them. To ensure that your ads match your content, write keyword rich content for your website. The Google crawler will be able to easily identify the theme of your website and display the most relevant ads on it.

Donít Hide Your Ads

If you want to make money with Adsense, remember that it is important for visitors to click on your ads. This is why it is important that visitors see your ads clearly displayed. A number of webmasters tend to push ads right to the bottom of the page. Visitors who have found the information they wanted may not necessarily scroll down to the bottom of your page and see your ads. Display your ads prominently at the top of the page along with the content. Some webmasters also choose to highlight their ad section to ensure that visitors notice it.

Blend Your Ads into the Website

It is easy to make money with Adsense if you can easily get your visitors to click on the ads displayed on your website. One of the tricks to do so is to blend the ads with your website in a way that they look like they are part of the content. To do so, you need to create a custom palette for your ads. For instance, if your site has a white background, use white as the color of your ad border and background to make the ad look like part of the website. You will be surprised to find how many more visitors click on your ads.

Choose the Right Ad Format

It has been found that people tend to click on links that look like normal web links. If you want to make money with Adsense, you have to try and capitalize on this tendency. Most people donít care whether the link they are clicking on is an Adsense link or not, as long as it provides them with relevant information. ButComputer Technology Articles, you can gain advantage by choosing an ad format that looks normalized on your website. Most webmaster find using the Large Rectangle (336X280) format helps them get the most number of clicks because it is easy to make them look like normal web links on any website.

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