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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Troubleshooting Your AC

What if you switched your air conditioner on and it did not work? The first thing you have probably done was to see if your unit was plugged. It relies on power supply, and if it is unplugged, it woul...

What if you switched your air conditioner on and it did not work? The first thing you have probably done was to see if your unit was plugged. It relies on power supply, and if it is unplugged, it would not turn on, of course. So, you checked to see if it was plugged, and you saw it was plugged. The next thing you would have done was check if that outlet is working by plugging another device, like a lamp or your CD player. This is the first thing to do before calling for professional air conditioning repair.

One the common causes of failure of air conditioning is loss of power. If the outlet where you would plug your AC in is not working, there is something wrong with the electrical wiring. This problem may need the services of a qualified electrician.

Supposing you plugged another device into the outlet and it works, then the problem should be with your air conditioning unit. It may have a problem with the wiring, compressor, or control board. Some people can do basic inspection to see if there is a problem they could fix without professional help. Many people do not attempt to inspect their appliance though. Instead, they call qualified technicians who can inspect the device and perform necessary air conditioning repair.

At some point in the life of an air conditioning unit, it may fail to function properly. In some cases, you turn it on and the fan starts running but the room isnít getting any cooler. You wave your palm in front of the AC but there is no cold air. This could be due to a failure of the compressor motor, compressor, condenser, or evaporator. The problem is that these parts should only be serviced by a qualified technician.

Another common problem with air conditioners after a few years is that they do not seem to cool the air right. Sometimes, you set it to high cool, but the room still does not get cold enough. This signals a problem with the air damper, back cover, or condensing coils. To see if it is the air damper, check out if it is closed. Air dampers should remain shut so that it does not invite outdoor warm air indoors. Also, see if the back cover is removed. The back cover is placed on the AC unit to protect it during winter. Sometimes, people forget to take it off during spring. Before you turn on your air conditioning unit in summer, remove the back cover.

The condensing coils may also malfunction and cause inefficient AC performance. These coils are the warm component of your air conditioning unit. Window air conditioners have their condensing coils located outside. These coils can become clogged with dirt and then become faulty. Proper cleaning should restore the air conditionerís optimum operation. Cleaning can be irksome for some people, because it entails removing the cover of the unit to gain access to the coils. You can wipe or brush the dirt off or blow compressed air to them.

Even simple AC cleaning can be time consuming. Thus, some owners just call professional services. But if you can do the taskFree Web Content, it would be one of the best things you could do to keep your unit working right.

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