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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Divorce Attorney of San Diego Teaches Lessons from Celebrity Break-Ups

With the divorce rate on the rise, it seems that happily ever afters are strictly for fairly tales, but John Griffith, a divorce attorney in San Diego, explains that everyday people can improve their relationships by learning from the marriages and divorces of the rich and famous.

Recent studies show that approximately one in every two marriages end in divorce.

Examples of this sobering statistic can be found throughout Hollywood, from Britney Spears' 55-hour marriage to Kim Kardashian and Chris Humphries 72-day long wedded phase.

Although magazine covers might be wallpapered with slander and name-calling from both parties, the divorce attorneys in San Diego recommend that everyday people take time to learn from these heavily publicized relationships to make their own marriages happier.

People enjoy the gossip and scandal associated with the lives of celebrities. While they are snooping around in someone else's life they can save their own relationships by learning what went wrong or right in those celebrity marriages.

Couples shouldn't...

Slander Ex's Name
Fighting with a former spouse can be stressful and painful, but through this difficult time it is vital to remain rational and mature.

The important thing for those going through a divorce to remember is to try not to fuel anger, as it can help a divorce to drag on longer than necessary. It takes time for old wounds to heal, but if the parties continue to attack each other, those old wounds will stay fresh.

The Internet is a dangerous place for angry or hurt individuals, as they are given a free forum to blow off steam. Posting vicious comments on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can cause avoidable conflict. Anthony Weiner is just one example of soemone who should have considered the permanency of the Internet before taking to Twitter.

Ignore Child Custody Agreements
Alec Baldwin's ex Kim Basinger allegedly attempted to violate their custody agreement, but ended up dragging on their divorce and creating unnecessary scandal. When agreements are made in family law, it is crucial to abide by those guidelines.

A breach of contract can result in further expenses, reduced child visitation rights and a strained relationship with the child. Over time the child can even feel resentment toward one or both parents, if the conflicts result in the child having to take sides.

Give up on Love
Battling a stressful and bitter divorce can have both parties feeling like they will live out the remainder of their life alone. Finances, stress and the passage of time can transform the happiest couple into two strangers. It is important to not give up on love, just because one relationship didn't end as anticipated.

Couples should...

Discuss Future Goals
Many celebrity marriages end prematurely because the couple failed to discuss their future plans and aspirations before getting hitched. Surprises like one person wanting to start a family while the other wanting to focus on their career, can add preventable turbulence. Couples can easily reduce their chance of disappointment when they converse about their future goals.

Have a Prenuptial Agreement
Prenups might have a bad reputation, but all they really do is protect both parties from damages in case of a divorce. Celebrities like Mel Gibson and Katy Perry didn't have a prenuptial agreement, and as a consequence they lost a large chunk of their assets to their exes. Such strife could have easily been prevented if they decided to simply protect what was theirs.

A Domestic Asset Protection Trust is an alternative to a prenup, and for those already married the spousal support lawyer recommends having a postnuptial agreement.

Resolve Relationships Peaceably
When Kelsey Grammar and his ex openly criticized one another, the end result was both parties feeling hurt and bitter. For many, the stress of divorce can make it difficult to remain calm, but going through a peaceful resolution can make the exertion worth it. Especially when children are involved, it is favorable to resolve the conflict diplomatically as the divorce doesn't completely end the relationship.

Some disagreements can be solved with open discussion and understanding, but for serious troubles it is best to seek the advice of a knowledgeable family lawyer. Although no one plans on having a divorceComputer Technology Articles, using the lessons taught by the marriages and break-ups of the famous can result in a much nicer resolution.

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