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Friday, October 18, 2019
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Immigration Lawyer FAQ - What You Need To Know About American Citizenship

Anybody can become an American citizen, but it's difficult if you don't have an immigration lawyer to help you. If you're considering immigrating, here is an FAQ of the most commonly asked questions on the topic.

You can become an American. It is one of the world's easiest countries to immigrate to. It helps a lot if you have an immigration lawyer to get you through the process. Here's an FAQ of common questions that you should know while considering becoming an American citizen.

Can I Get American Citizenship?
The answer is yes, most people can. Getting citizenship is a long and involved process that requires paperwork and patience, but virtually anyone who wishes to become an American can do so. If you were born in the US or one of your parents was born in the US, you're a shoe-in already. Your US parent has to have lived in the United States for a period of time, however. If they were born here and moved away after birth never to return, it doesn't count and you have to go through the regular process.

The "regular process" starts with living in the United States for 5 consecutive years without any criminal charges. Once you've lived here for 5 years, it's just a matter of applying. A good immigration lawyer can help to make the process much easier.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming American?
As an American, you'll be able to vote and participate in politics. You'll be eligible for any public office except that of president or vice president. You'll have access to public services and be able to enjoy all the benefits that natural-born Americans have, such as the ability to open a bank account, drive and so on. You can also travel out of the country with a US passport. 

Do I Have To Give Up My Home Country Citizenship?
In order to become an American citizen, you have to give up citizenship to your own country. The United States doesn't allow dual citizenship. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't still feel loyalty to your country or participate in its holidays, but legally you are no longer a citizen of that country. It also means that if you decide to move back to your home country, you would have to become a citizen there again, which is not allowed in many countries. 

You should also realize that if the US should go to war against your country, your allegiance must now be to the US and not your home country. You also lose the protection of your embassy and are no longer allowed to use its services.

Do I Need To Be Able To Speak English
Yes, you need to be able to speak, read and write simple English. There is a test that you have to pass to gain citizenship, but it is fairly basic. You don't need college-level English. There are exceptions for some applicants who are disabled and elderly. You also have to pass a test on the basics of United States government and history since you'll be a voting citizen.

How Can An Immigration Lawyer Help Me?
An immigration lawyer can help you through the difficult process of becoming an American citizen. They can assist in filing documents, meeting deadlines and any bumps that occur along the way. Since your immigration lawyer specializes in cases such as thesePsychology Articles, they'll be a big help. They may offer other services as well related to family or personal law. Finding a good immigration lawyer is the first step in the process.

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