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Sunday, August 18, 2019
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New Red Light Law Changes Legalities For Illinois Motorcycle Riders

The Illinois legislature passed new legislation in 2011 that enables Illinois motorcycle riders to run red lights after waiting a reasonable amount of time for the light to change. This raises red flags for Illinois motorcycle accident lawyers.

As motorcyclists around the world know, sometimes red lights just donít know you are there. Whereas a car may trigger the light to change, more than one motorcyclist has been forced to either, make a few extra right hand turns to get where they want to go, or to drop the kickstand, hop off, run to the corner, and press the crosswalk button. In 2011, however, Illinois legislators have made a real effort at correcting this problem by making it legal for motorcyclists to ďrunĒ red lights after stopping and waiting a reasonable amount of time. House Bill 2860 has simplified things for motorcyclists, but Illinois motorcycle accident lawyers must now integrate this new law into their regular practice.

Does Your Illinois Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Understand The New Law?

This new law does you no good if your Illinois motorcycle accident lawyer isnít aware of the context, content, or ramifications of this new red light law. If you experience an accident, you need all the help you can get in recovering medical costs, bike repairs or replacement, and punitive damages against careless drivers. As most riders already know, car drivers who are not looking for or seeing bikes are the ones who cause the majority of accidents.

Know The Law & Reduce The Likelihood of Another Motorcycle Accident

Initially, this new law can potentially increase ridersí risks on the road. Many car drivers fail to note new traffic laws, especially when they appear to only apply to bikes. Many drivers will not be expecting a bike to come through a red light, so it is, as always, imperative that riders pay attention. By understanding the particulars of the new red light law, riders can prevent accidents and reduce the need for a motorcycle accident attorney. The new law requires that a rider wait at a red light for at least 120 seconds and that they yield to oncoming cross traffic. If an accident occurs after these requirements have been met, your motorcycle accident attorney can create a more effective case on your behalf, assuming that they are knowledgeable about the implications of this new law. Without that experience, you can easily find yourself held accountable for an accident that was not your fault.

Illinois subscribes to the comparative negligence model, which means you can be held partially responsible for the accident. For example, the adjuster determines that you were speeding, making you, say, 40% at fault, and the other personís damages totaled $100,000. This means you would be out $40,000 plus 40% of your own expenses. Every piece of your defense counts in keeping the numbers in your favor.

Before putting everything at risk, take the time to ensure that you and your motorcycle accident attorney understand the impact of this new law. Be sure to wait the allotted 120 seconds, look both ways, yield to oncoming traffic, and then enjoy the wind, the roadFree Articles, and the freedom you love so much.

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Illinois motorcycle enthusiasts are encouraged to contact motorcycle accident lawyer Barry Zlotowicz about important new laws regarding motorcycles and the legality of running red lights. These legal changes make it more important than ever that you contact a knowledgeable, experienced attorney in case of an Illinois motorcycle accident.

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