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Monday, February 24, 2020
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Speeding Ticket- Your Defense

Getting a speeding ticket is a pain. You may not have to pay as much as you might think if you can defend yourself in the case or hire someone to help you.

If you have received a speeding ticket then you know the feeling you get. You might be tempted to be angry with the police officer and try to defend yourself, but it is actually better to just accept what they give you at the time. If you believe you can defend your case in some way, you can handle it at a later time.

Once you get your composure at home, you will have to consider some things. An important aspect of defending your case is to know if the state where you were driving has an absolute speed limit or a presumed one. If the state has an absolute one then you might be in bad shape because anything over what is posted will be considered breaking the law. A presumed speed has more to do with individuals driving safely for conditions or the flow of traffic.

The next thing you should consider is how to prepare for your court date if you decide you are in a good position to fight the speeding ticket. Depending on the situation, you might be wise to hire a lawyer to help you. You should prepare by going back to the location where you received the speeding ticket. If you do not remember seeing the police car then it is possible that they were getting a speed from a different car or other object that has a reflective surface. Drawing a diagram might be a good option if you think it will be helpful for your case.

You might be able to defend your case if you claim you were not going as fast as was stated, you were going faster because of an emergency, or because the weather made it safe to do so. A radar defense is another possible option, but because of the many details involved with this, you would be wise to let a lawyer handle this. In order to prove a radar defense you will need evidence dealing with the maintenance of the radar gun and possibly even statements as to whether the police officer was trained to use one. Part of a mistake in this area could have something to do with the gun picking up another object. This might be hard to prove even though this aspect of using the radar gun is up to the police officer to choose what object was going the speed he calculated. The more traffic and reflective objects there are in the areaScience Articles, the harder it probably was for the police officer to make the decision.

Hopefully between you and your lawyer you will win your case. Be sure to take the advice of your law professional as you go through the process while still being ethical and honest.

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