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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Hotel Reputation Management Fundamentals

Learn about who needs Hotel Reputation Management and when the best time to bring a Hotel Reputation Manager on board is.

The purpose of digital marketing and Hotel reputation management is to advertise and reach the widest net of people as you can. I cannot sit here and say that print media is as effective because it is, but I can also tell you that it's not anywhere near as effective and fast as advertising on the Internet. Hotel reputation management has come about because they are starting to understand this. Since the customer is the business it's only fair to say that the customer is the King and this relates to promotional methods specifically geared toward the end consumer. Customers these days are very smart and savvy, and what they want is information relayed to them in real time and they want to find the hotel that they want to do business with on the Internet.

They do this because they wanna read reviews on this hotel, and want to learn all the good and bad about it before they decide if they want actually stay there. So Hotel reputation management basically deals with the important job of providing important updates regarding negative things people might say about the hotel and dealing with these negative messages on a case-by-case basis. This is also commonly known as ORM or online reputation management services which are becoming more popular in a myriad of different industries, the hotel industry being the most common because they deal with people everyday and many travelers as well.

A lot of people think that Hotel reputation management just has to do with pushing down back comments people make about the hotel in the search engines. However there is more to it than that as Hotel reputation management is also a promotional method because you can hire a company to say all kinds of great things about the hotel and post them all over the Internet. Everything is based on proportions so the higher proportion of good comments out there on the Internet about the hotel the more chances that a bad comment or two will be ignored. But there is also other ways to take care these negative comments.

One of the ways to take care these negative comments is to simply push them back in the search engines by ranking higher on positive comments. This is an SEO technique that is specifically used for any type of business including the hospitality industry. You can hire a company to consult and train your employees to do all the hotel reputation management for your company or you can just hire a company and outsource all the work to them which is probably your best bet since they are not new to this game and have done it before. Hotel reputation management fees are not really expensive considering the customer loyalty and brand protection they could bring your business.

If you hire a hotel reputation management company you're really just hiring a reputation management company. I mean the same procedure is used to perform hotel reputation management as it is to perform any type of ORM or online reputation management services. So while you can hire your own team of people I don't recommend it because there is somewhat of a learning curve behind this and it is a time-consuming process. And if you're in the hotel business you should be spending all your time marketing drawing new business and your hotel and not wasting it dealing with a few disgruntled customers or employees don't want to post bad things about your business.

The hotel reputation management service might also get you on Facebook and the other social websites like LinkedIn and Twitter as well. The more you're out there the less a negative comment will affect your business. The key is to promote your name brand is much as possible and to stay out there on the social networks and keep publishing positive content about your business to the world. Think about it logically, if you have 200 pieces of positive content that you had someone publish about your company and then one jerk comes by and writes a negative post about your business as an Internet researcher, who would you tend to believe?

In my humble opinion, I think it would be logical to believe the 200 positive comments rather than the focus on the one negative comment because most people do have common sense and realize that one negative comment can't really affect the business too much as long as there's a lot of positive comments about business and most people focus on these positive comments. I mean 99% of the people know that there's always good to be at least one angry customer in any business no matter how good the businesses are how much could serve as a provider how successful it isArticle Search, unfortunately that's just life in the big city and in the hotel industry.

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