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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Hub Marketing A Primer For The Trade Show Booth Marketer

Hub marketing is a new development in the industry. The traditional trade show booth is perhaps the best complement to hub marketing compared to any other promotional option. Learn about hub marketing and how it can add value to your trade show booth. 

With the advent of the internet, many new marketing techniques emerged. From the most basic website to the most complicated social endeavors, there are myriad ways for a company to communicate its message, many of which didn't exist even 15 years ago. Many companies focus on these new methods, yet few realize that they tie in very well with more traditional techniques. In particular, the combination of new hub marketing with a trade show booth can provide results, often good enough to surpass what might have been achieved with just an online hub program.
What Is A Hub?
As the internet began to reveal more about social habits, companies began to notice that information and product adoption often stem from one early adopter, who then spreads it to others around him or her. This early adopter became known as an influencer, or hub, and became a recognized target for many marketing companies. If you can communicate with an influencer and convince them to adopt your product or to endorse it, that product is likely to spread quickly through the hub's network. In essence, using hub marketing properly can get you tens or even hundreds of new sales by working with just one person: the influencer.
The biggest difficulty of influencer marketing (as hub marketing is often called) is that they can be time consuming to identify. There is no single clear-cut definition that applies to all influencers, so they cannot be searched for successfully with automated search parameters. When most companies seek to identify them, they rely on human readers to trace social networks and identify those who have the most impact. There is only one virtually guaranteed criteria that all hubs have in common: they're almost universally likely to visit a trade show booth or convention for a company or product that they support. 
Discover Influencers At Your Trade Show Booth 
While there is still a lot of discussion regarding common criteria of influencers, most of them are inclined to be more informed than their peers, and to seek out information that they consider relevant, interesting, and useful. One of the best ways that they can do this is by visiting conventions whenever they believe a trade show booth might pique their interest. As an exhibitor, this gives you an unprecedented opportunity to connect with the most powerful people in social marketing. 
Many marketers have adopted a strategy of assuming that virtually everyone who visits their trade show booth is a potential influencer. Regardless of the actual ratio, treating everyone like a potential hub also improves overall service. Hubs seek information, and thus catering to them involves providing more information, more literature, and more educated staff members. All visitors to a trade show booth will welcome these improvements, so they're always a smart investment - even if not all of them end up being influencers. 
Improving the appeal of a trade show booth in this way is usually inexpensive, as it involves changing literature rather than changing the actual printed information on the unit. Making these changes will make your trade show booth appeal to influencers and other visitors alikeArticle Submission, adding more value to the current effects of your unit. 

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Chris Harmen shares New Jersey trade show booth tips for Skyline. Skyline has helped pioneer many innovative developments for the trade show booth in New Jersey and continues to offer custom and modular units at every price point. 

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