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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Looking On The Bright Side: A Guide To Lighting Your Trade Show Stands

Have you thought about the best way to light your trade show booths? Typical lighting washes out trade show displays, diminishing your marketing. Learn how to create dynamic and beautifully lit displays without spending a fortune. 

Lighting is one of the most important yet undervalued elements of trade show stands. Few people realize how vital it is to a strong presentation. Without good illumination, visitors cannot read what is advertised on your signs. They can't see the detail in your pictures. They'll feel that the space is less welcoming and more enclosed. They will be less likely to visit in the first place, and will stay for less time if they do. Adequate lighting is crucial to drawing a strong turnout.
Seeing Is Believing At Trade Show Displays
When you are presenting at a convention, your trade show booths are everything. People will decide whether they want to learn more about your product or not based on what you are showing them on your signs. Other than that information, they would decide based on anecdotes that they might have heard, or previous advertising efforts - in other words, negating the value of having trade show stands almost completely. Designing that information and deciding how to present it is one part of the equation. Just as important is the art of making that information stand out and highlighting it so your visitors are sure to see it. That's where lighting comes in. 
Specialized Systems For Trade Show Booths
Most designers will recommend using a system that is designed for use with trade show displays. Other forms of lamps or illumination can be utilized, but they are not purpose built and typically end up being more trouble than they are worth. Illumination systems for trade show displays tend to be inexpensive, particularly if you are purchasing them alongside the units themselves. Most companies offer deals on buying the two together, and doing so also allows you to ensure that you're getting a compatible system. 
There are many products available, and most of them will do a good job of showcasing your exhibit. The most common types hook onto the top of the unit before cantilevering out to shine back on the surface beneath them. There are many variations of this with different intensities of light and gauges of cord, but the basic formula is quite common. This direct illumination is diffuse enough not to create glare, but strong enough to clearly highlight the area around it. 
Designed To Highlight The Best Features Of Trade Show Stands
Light attracts the eye. This is a fundamental feature used by interior designers worldwide, and the best convention designers understand it as well. Illumination can be just as effective as bold, bright colors when you are seeking attention. Placing light above information that you consider important will help frame that news and make it all the more salient to your visitors. Importantly, using light to create a focal point will never have the problems that exist with other types of attention-grabbing techniques. Light is not overwhelming or off-putting; it's almost impossible to illuminate trade show booths so thoroughly that it becomes a problem. In contrast, bright colors, flashing bulbs, and other techniques can easily be overdone and backfire. 
You should be using illumination to highlight a few key elements of your unit. The rest of the lighting should aid visitors to read what's written on your booth, but should be more subtle in comparison. When you design your stand this wayArticle Submission, you'll benefit from an inviting space that effectively attracts the attention of visitors right where you want it. 

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Chris Harmen writes about trade show displays for Skyline. Skyline has won awards for creating successful trade show booths incorporated with innovative lighting designs.    

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