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Monday, November 18, 2019
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Seven Secrets Of Great Trade Show Booths

The best trade show displays don't just follow the normal rules for strong design. Learn what sets these trade show booths apart from all the others, and how your trade show exhibits can steal these secrets for your own benefit!

You know that one company whose trade show displays always seem outstanding? Have you ever wondered how they are able to get those great results? The secret lies in years of experience and knowledge about what works at a convention. When most people set out to design a unit, they have relatively little experience in the field. They can often understand and implement design rules, but don't yet have a full grasp on the subtleties like these masters. While only time will help you gain a complete understanding of what makes truly impressive trade show exhibits, learning some of these secrets will help cut down on the time that it takes and help make your present designs as dynamic as possible.
Secret #1: Do Something Daring
The master designer is never afraid to be bold. He or she has enough experience to be confident in his or her decisions, and to be willing to stand up for them if questioned. However, this confidence is not arrogance or carelessness; no truly great designer will come to a decision without thoroughly examining data, facts, and historical samples from the industry in question. Gut instinct isn't enough; intuition combined with evidence is the solution.
Secret #2: Simple Trade Show Displays Are Often The Best
Most people try to overcomplicate their exhibit, particularly the first time they design one. While a flashy stand can be successful, often it does more harm than good. Experienced creators know that the more simply a message is presented, the clearer it will be to the audience. Complex stands are not always the answer. 
Secret #3: In Trade Show Exhibits, A Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words
Design masters will never use words when a good picture will do. They will always favor showing over telling. They encourage photo shoots to communicate things like the durability of a product or its benefit to customers. The reason is simple: when people see someone doing something, they naturally imagine themselves in the same situation. That's a powerful tool to grab attention and drive sales results.
Secret #4: Size Isn't Everything
A seasoned veteran is not worried about having the largest displays in the show. They recognize that size is not the only thing that will determine quality. It's not about having an imposing presence, it's about having the kind of presence that attracts the right visitors and drives your business.
Secret #5: Planning Is Good For All Trade Show Booths
There is no such thing as too much planning. There is no set of schematics too detailed, and no mock-up too rigorously constructed. Planning ahead of time allows for fine tuning of the trade show displays. It allows them to be better targeted, and it prevents the need to replace them later on due to a foreseeable problem.
Secret #6: Low Cost Isn't Always Value
First time designers often confuse the price tags of trade show booths with their actual value. This is a mistake, because there is so much more than initial cost involved with trade show exhibits. Learn how to look beneath the surface and really question what you're getting for your money. A good company that offers quality support is almost always worth a little extra.
Secret #7: Design Rules Are Made To Be Broken
It's true in many other fields, and it's true here as well: when you become an expert, all the rules you learned when you were starting out stop applying. You can do things that would seem conflicting, contradictory, or even counterproductive. When you've got experience, you'll be able to envision the other side and imagine the benefits. Instead of being counterproductive, it's unexpected, fresh, and generally wildly successful.
These tips are hardly a comprehensive list. They are simply some ideas, gathered from some of the top minds designing today's trade show exhibits. As you continue creating trade show boothsBusiness Management Articles, you'll no doubt have your own list. 

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Chris Harmen writes about trade show displays in New York for Skyline. Whether your company needs custom New York trade show booths or simple banner stands, Skyline will deliver a superior product. 

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