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Sunday, January 16, 2022
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Storing Your Trade Show Booths

After the trade show booth design process is complete and the final product has been delivered, how do you store trade show booths when they're not at a convention? This guide will reveal the hidden hazards of improper storage and show you how to keep your investment safe. 

You put a lot of time into your trade show booth design, and now your trade show booths have finally arrived. Whether they are small table top displays or large, custom designed exhibits, one thing is always true: you need to store them. Each type of exhibit has its own particular storage needs, and each tends to be different from the other.
Caring For Table Top Trade Show Booths
These small exhibits are often the most fragile. This is because table top units are typically made of a solid sheet of heavy duty reinforced cardboard, and anything that is solid can warp over time if not properly stored. These displays also tend to fold flat, which puts them at great risk of being stacked improperly and increases the chance that they will become warped. 
To properly store these trade show booths, you should keep them folded and place them in a specially designed storage carrier. Some of these carriers are highly durable. If you purchase a sturdy carrier, you may be able to stack these with no problem. If your carrier is not hard-shelled, or if you have any doubts, then you should avoid stacking anything on top of your actual exhibit. Instead, place the exhibit such that it is supported on the bottom, but has nothing pressing on it from the top. Similarly, don't set it on its edge. Unless it is folded outward, its own weight may cause a slight warping over time. The best way to store it is laid flat on an even surface, with nothing sitting on top of it. 
Storing Banner Stands And Pop Up Exhibits
Banner stands and a pop up trade show booth design is more complex than a table top unit, but not necessarily more fragile. These rarely fold completely flat, so they are at less risk of being crushed than others. In addition, the metal frames of these exhibits tend to make them crush resistant, so the main danger is having the stored parts fall and become nicked, dinged, or scratched.
To prevent this, store them in a bag that zips. In that bag, it will be much harder to scratch or permanently damage them. In addition, the bag will offer some cushioning should they fall. Finally, place them somewhere that will ensure they are not crushed. Although they may be able to take the weight, it's best not to risk it. They do not require a perfectly even surface like the tabletop units. 
Keeping Large Custom Units Between Conventions
The hardest type of trade show booth design to store is undoubtedly the large custom unit. These may be very specifically manufactured, and they have many parts. Your first concern is ensuring that all the parts stay together. Keep a log of everything that goes into the box and everything that is necessary for assembly. Have a checklist so you can easily assess missing parts without confusion. As for actual storage containers, these typically require a custom solution. It may be a full new plastic carrier, or it may be a series of boxes. Coordinate with the company that produced it to learn about any unique needs particular to your trade show booth design.
Protection Increases Longevity
When you keep your trade show booths protected, you ensure that you get the most out of your investment. After you've taken the time and effort to design itFree Articles, you don't want to replace it; keeping it safe from the moment it ships to you will ensure you don't have to buy a new one for years to come. 

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Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, experts in trade show booths. Skyline's quality workmanship, innovation, and trade show booth design make them a top choice for all convention needs. 

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