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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Tips For Packing Table Top Displays

Packing your table top displays securely is as much an art as it is a science. From foam to packing peanuts to cardboard, there are many ways to protect your trade show exhibit.

When you transport a trade show exhibit, your first concern must always be ensuring that the unit arrives safely. The amount of danger posed by transportation varies alongside the method used to transport. A professional shipping company, if properly warned of the value and fragile nature of the contents, can be a good way to keep it safe. The biggest hazards come from bad shipping companies, oblivious airline baggage personnel, and well-meaning but incorrectly educated owners of pop up displays. Whether you transport your table top displays by air, by ground, or in your own car, these important tips could save your trade show exhibit from serious damage.

Invest In A Good Carrying Case For Every Trade Show Exhibit

Many companies shy away from purchasing professionally made cases for pop up displays. In some instances, they believe these units to be too expensive, and shy away from them because they don't think it's worth it. In other situations, this essential protective unit isn't taken into account at all. When you buy table top displays, it's vital that you consider whether or not you should be purchasing a case.

A well-made case will always protect your unit better than any amount of other packing material. The reason for this is that a case will be custom-fitted to your table top displays, whereas anything else would require that your pop up displays be made to fit. A case is designed to control the forces that would act on your booth; packing peanuts and cardboard just don't do the job as well. In general, the only reason to decline a case purchase is if you are purchasing a duplicate trade show exhibit of exactly the same dimensions as the one you already have. If this is the situation, you can share one case between the two of them.

What Materials To Use If A Carrier Isn't Possible

If for whatever reason you don't have a professionally made shipping container, you'll have to improvise. If at all possible, avoid shipping fragile items like banner stands or pop up displays. If you are catching a flight to the convention, you should take them as a carryon rather than checking them, unless they are prohibitively oversized. If they're simply too big or too heavy, your next option is to pack them very carefully. There are several different materials that will be used in typical table top display's packing.

Packing Peanuts: These Styrofoam noodles are poured around a fragile object to absorb bumps and protect it from harm. They should never be placed directly on the visible surface of a trade show exhibit without some kind of covering, as they may leave marks if left pressing against the surface for a period of time.
Packing Paper: This heavy brown paper is good for protecting your unit from minor scratches and damage resulting from the packing materials themselves. It should be taped over every important surface.
Packing Tape: Heavy tape should be used to keep cardboard together. Don't place tape directly on your unit, as it will cause damage.
Masking Tape: Actually designed to be used on any surface, but should still not be placed on your actual booth. It should also not be used for sealing boxes or any task which requires a tight hold.

The ideal packing job will combine all of these elements to keep your booth safe. Keep in mind that the exact details will vary depending on what kind of trade show exhibit you have, how large it is, and how heavy it is. If you don't want to purchase a special travel container, you should develop a relationship with a good local shipping company. They can point you in the right direction on materials and packing techniquesFind Article, helping insure that your package arrives undamaged.

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Chris Harmen writes for Tradetec, the leader in table top displays in Chicago. When your company needs a premium trade show exhibit in Chicago, Tradetec delivers, providing custom units or ready-to-go modular designs.

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