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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Understand The Effective 6 Steps Technique To Boost Up The Brainstorming Session

A group brainstorming session creates an environment of collaborative thinking in which people come up with ideas through each other. This allows for quick, creative thinking and idea building. Having a brainstorming session is a fun way to solve problems by utilising outside input and challenging yourself to a creative discourse. However, these sessions cannot be spontaneous and need to be planned effectively. Setting the right expectations and ambience, solidifying the session's goal, and removing distractions are a few ways in which a moderator can ensure that the brainstorming session is productive rather than a total waste of time.

For any public relations company, a good brainstorming session is the most productively fun group activity that the employees can participate in. Such sessions allow critical and creative thinking to flow in a judgment zone. However, in practice, if not effectively planned, a brainstorming session may be a total waste of time. In a group communication format, some voices are always louder than others, leading to an anchoring bias wherein all ideas are built on the first available piece of information during the decision-making process. Here are 6 step effective strategies to boost your brainstorming sessions

Setting the Right Expectations

It is the responsibility of the moderator to set the expectations before the brainstorming session. Each member of the session must be well aware of what is expected of them. Some members are quick thinkers, while others need a little push. The right motivation must be provided before the session to ensure a smooth and productive discourse occurs when the time comes.

Solidify the Objective of the Session

The central focus of the discussion must be clearly and effectively communicated to all the members of the session before time. This keeps the conversation and ideas on track. For some, it may even be the conception point of the ideas. Without a solid objective, the whole session is doomed to fail.

Coming Prepared

Every member must do their due diligence before the brainstorming session, or else the session may be dragged on for hours with little to show for the time. Each person has a different point of saturation, so a "long" brainstorming session is quite a subjective measurement of time. The moderator can curate some pre-brainstorm session material so that everyone is on the same page ahead of the session.

Setting the Right Ambiance

Providing food and beverages as both refreshments and rewards can remove mental blocks. Going off-site to a relaxing environment may help some people be creative and generate ideas rapidly. Brainstorming has to be spaced out and not periodic because following any form of routine or regimen can feel manufactured.

Removing Distractions

A mind map can help remove distractions as it gives you a visual representation of the path of the discourse. Brainstorming sessions require a significant number of ideas. But some ideas may derail from the problem at hand. Pursuing these ideas can be a waste of time. As a result, such distractions must be removed.

Productive Discourse

The goal of a brainstorming session is not to map out the plan for the next quarter but to discuss ideas to pursue in the coming time. Such sessions require rapid ideation and continuous discourse. No idea can be shut down too quickly or discussed too in detail without wasting time or being counterproductive.


A good brainstorming session should always have a follow-up about the results and not another brainstorming session. If public relations firms schedule a follow-up brainstorming sessionBusiness Management Articles, it only proves that the previous session was a failure as it did not cover all ideas.

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