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Monday, January 24, 2022
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What Influencer Marketing Means For Your Trade Show Displays

Influencer marketing adds a new dimension to trade show displays by making them an invaluable tool for one of the most important forms of new marketing. Are your displays for trade shows making the most of your influencers?

There are many ways that new media marketing can change established promotional patterns. Most of it takes place online as businesses take advantage of new opportunities to interact with potential clients in an ever-growing marketplace of information. One surprising frontline of new marketing techniques is among the oldest promotional spaces in the book: trade show displays. Many marketers are surprised to learn that displays for trade shows are the best place to identify powerful influencers important to your market and get them talking about your product.
Defining (And Spotting) Influencers
Influencers are simply people that have an influence over others who are important in your target demographic. They are also called hubs, or people who sit at the center of a large social network and who are considered knowledgeable among their peers and friends. Such an individual is a resource for anyone who is about to buy a new product; they'll be asked for recommendations, and people will listen to their advice. 
Hubs are tough to spot, primarily because social networks are not always transparent. Even trained researchers cannot spot hubs simply by observing the people around them. At best, it's a long, tedious process and is not worth the staff it takes. In addition, hubs are rarely influencers for more than one sector, so you may need to start your research all over again for your next product. Not everyone who writes about your field is a hub, and not everyone who is a hub will be a writer. The only clear definition of an influencer is that, when convinced of a product's effectiveness, they will spread that information throughout their network. 
Trade Show Displays Are A Way To Reach Out
There is one more constant that almost all influencers share: they will turn out to visit displays for trade shows in their chosen industry. They are early adopters of new products, and trade show displays are a great way to learn about those new products before anyone else. This fact alone makes hubs flock to your booth, where you have the best opportunity to talk with them and really sell them on the effectiveness of your product. Not everyone who comes to your unit will be a hub, but the percentage is very favorable.
Marketing Displays For Trade Shows To A Hub
Hubs are not like typical visitors who are less astute. Hubs care about maintaining their authenticity with their target audience, and so they are unlikely to become permanent evangelists who will support your company no matter what. They support products that they consider good, and if you stop making quality products, they stop supporting you. In order to maintain a good relationship with a hub, your trade show displays must be geared toward providing them with solid information. If at all possible, displays for trade shows should have samples of your product or a demonstration available. If not, your unit needs to have very detailed simulations and diagrams. 
Although planning for hubs sounds like it might be time consuming and difficult, there is a piece of good news. Every change you make to cater to an influencer can only help you with non-influencers as well. No one dislikes units that are educational and informative. Booths that give out samples or have demonstrations are always a hit. When you make these changes, you'll appeal more strongly to your most important visitorsFree Web Content, and you'll be a bigger success with the rest of your audience as well. 

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Chris Harmen writes about trade show displays for Skyline. Through a national network of offices, Skyline has provided displays for trade shows of every size and industry and continues to be a leader in design. 

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