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Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Intimacy In Marriage: Beginning, Passing, Restoring

As a couple begins their married life, they stay together in building intimacy in the relationship. As time passes by, their intimacy could be gradually lessening; although hard and difficult, a couple that truly loves one another will find that lost intimacy is not that impossible to restore. 

Intimacy in marriage is not what most people believe it to be.  It is mistakenly thought by many people that when the husband and wife join together in a sexual act, they are already intimate. Nonetheless, true intimacy only involves this physical pleasure. The true essence of intimacy is also comprised of the emotional, social, spiritual and mental aspects of the Christian couple's life.  The beginning of intimacy.  When a man and a woman meet, they experience physical attraction to one another that eventually develops to emotional attraction.  As the relationship progresses, the couple embarks on a mutual discover and journey.  They begin to learn more of one another.  At a certain point in the relationship, the couple is introduced to sex. Sex is obviously just a part of the process in developing intimacy.  It is an important part that lets couple achieve better and deeper understanding of each other.  It is from here that true love is conceived.  The possibility of intimacy being gone.  After many years together in marriage, the couple may have been into so many hardships and difficulties.  It is through these times when the couple must remain close and intimate to one another; however, the increasing pressures in life cause the difficulty in maintaining intimacy.  Instead of staying close together, the couple tends to drift apart from one another.  Their conversations become more focused on the kids or on their work, rather than on themselves. Sex also becomes less and limited. As these things unfold before their eyes, the couple only just realizes that their marriage is not as intimate as it used to be.  Gaps merely result in the relationship. Without intimacy, infidelity tends to happen in the relationship.  The husband and wife only realize the problem when it is already too complicated to resolve; yet, no matter how difficult, the relationship is not really impossible to repair.The rebuilding of marriage, restoration of intimacy.  To rebuild the relationship by bringing back intimacy, the couple must work together just as they worked together in the beginning of the relationship.  They should identify all intimacy problems; restore intimacy and prevent further damages in the relationship. • More than ever, the couple needs to talk and communicate.  The gap in marriage should be discussed calmly and open-mindedly. They should both acknowledge that intimacy is already lacking in the marriage.  • The couple also needs to spend extra time together; after all, it is the lack of time for one another that caused them to drift apart.  With time devoted for one another, the couple can rediscover their connection; they are able to recreate experiences. • Relight the passion in sex. Sex may be just a part of intimacy; but it is an integral part that makes marriage strong and solid. When lack of sex happens in marriage, it is more likely to cause intimacy problems and infidelity. Thus, to restore intimacyFeature Articles, the couple should be able to rekindle their sexual passion.  It will certainly help the couple to once again become close to one another if are caressing and touching one another.  

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