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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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My partner's Snoring is Ruining Our Relationship


It is interesting to note that snoring affects a large part of the adult population, with some sources claiming it to be around 45%. This means that for a lot of couples living together, snoring can be quite a hurdle to overcome. Snoring is not a decision that a person makes, but is more of a physical condition that can be caused by lifestyle choices or underlying medical conditions.

 Since people who snore may be sleeping through their snoring bouts, and are, therefore, unaware of their habit it is up to you, their partner who ends up suffering to help them work through the same.


Find out the Causes of Snoring


Spending restless nights in bed only to wake up to busy days is not healthy for you. It is therefore important to make sure that you find a way to remedy this problem sooner rather than later before any resentment towards your partner sets in; finding out the cause of the snoring should be the first thing on your mind. Snoring can be caused by medical conditions, lifestyle and even sleeping postures. Take some time and look into your partner’s lifestyle and find out whether there are any distinct causes of snoring.


Examples of Common Causes of Snoring


Lifestyle causes of snoring include eating large fatty meals that end up pushing the diaphragm upwards and obstructing airways, drinking alcohol and smoking. Medications can also cause snoring as well as blocked sinuses. If your partner is snoring through the night look into their lifestyle for these causes and symptoms as well.


Remedy your Partner’s Snoring using these Simple Solutions


Nasal sprays are over the counter medications used to remedy inflammation of tissue in the nasal cavity. This inflammation can be caused by allergies that result in swollen nasal tissue and the excessive production of thick mucus that obstructs airways


Awkward sleeping positions can also be a cause of snoring as the airways can be obstructed. This can be remedied by using sleeping pillows to raise the head and help keep the airways clear.


Anti snore nose clips are also great alternatives in keeping nostrils open for people who snore due to obstructed airways in the nostrils. These simple devices apply gentle pressure to the nostrils to keep them open all through the night.


For people who snore when sleeping on their backs, mouthpieces can be used to avoid the collapse of the soft tissue in the throat. These devices can also keep the tongue from falling backwards and obstructing the airways. They work by raising the lower jaw and soft pallet.


Before you alert your partner about their snoringFind Article, it is important to note that they may not be aware of this and did not choose it. Approach it lightly and be sure to avoid placing blame but alternatively offer solutions.

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Jason Kassel, PhD is the owner/operator of MySnoringIs.  MySnoringIs is a website that provides useful information for people looking to stop their snoring or help their partner stop snoring.  Full of articles, the site provides well-researched and up-to-date knowledge on all types of information on snoring relief.  Read this to learn more about snoring relief.

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