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Monday, July 13, 2020
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Popular Laguna Beach Wedding Locations: Pros and Cons of each for Wedding Photography

Aside from the photographer, the wedding location is the most important factor determining the look, feel and quality of your wedding portraits. Popular Laguna Beach Wedding Locations, Tivoli and Seven-Deegres, both have some drawbacks and some attractions for producing stunning wedding photography.


Tivoli is on the beach. The obvious advantage to this is you can get a variety of beautiful beach shots. However, if you look at beach pictures that have been taken in this location, you will notice that many of the shots have distracting beach houses in the background. Unless that doesn't bother you, plan with your photographer to take pictures facing the water rather than with the rocks (and houses) in the background. Aside from this minor house distraction, Tivoli provides a variety of natural looking outdoor background and settings. There are rocky cliffs, ocean vistas, wooded areas and buildings with old European designs. 

Some of the Tivoli reception centers are designed with an outdoor theme in mind. While this provides the potential for great natural lighting, if the whether turns cold or starts to rain, much of the photographic attraction to this location - the beautiful outdoor scenery could be nullified as it may be too cold or wet to venture outdoors. However, if it does rain, there are still some beautiful arches, doors and buildings against which to take your wedding pictures. Indoors, there is a beautiful black grand piano in the middle of a large room. A creative and artistic shot that various photographers have used with this piano is to have the bride lie down on the piano and take a shot of her from above. The black piano against the white wedding dress and the curve of the piano constrasted with a properly positioned bride creates a beautiful memorable artistic shot.  So, while the real Tivoli photographic gem is the out door potential, there are some great indoor shots to be had.

One indirect photography consideration of Tivoli is the cost. Some packages cost $11,000+ for 100 guests. This could cause a bride to need to scale back on her photography budget in order to pay for the location.

Seven Degrees

Seven Degrees is a popular Laguna Beach wedding location with a modern look and feel. If this is the look that you desire, you will be happy with the number, quality and variety of modern and angular backgrounds. There are indoor areas that have large windows which provide excellent natural lighting. In addition, the location provides a large variety of high quality artificial lighting.  This allows opportunities for creative filter and exposure work.

The potential disadvantage of this location is the lack of diversity in the genra.  Seven Degrees is not on the beach. Thus, beach shots are not easily available- a significant disadvantage for many who choose to have their wedding in Laguna Beach because of the beach. Like Tivoli another disadvantage is cost. Although the prices are not posted and subject to change, the cost can be significant. Again this can limit the amount of money available for photography.

Laguna Beach is a beautiful city with temperate whether and many lovely wedding locations. Outside of the photographer you choose, nothing influences the styleScience Articles, variety and quality of your wedding pictures as much as the wedding venue. Taking the time to evaluate the locations based on their photography potential can help ensure you get the captured photographic memories you can treasure for a lifetime.

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Vanessa and Stephen Honda are Laguna Beach Wedding Photographers who specializes in weddings and Portrait Photography.

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