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Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Change and Personal Growth

Many of you want your life to change and personal growth to improve. However, sometimes that's as far as it gets.

You may desire positive growth development but can't get motivated towards doinganything to change. Unless your thoughts are put into action, nothing will be achieved.

You may hear yourself make excuses. "I really want to change, but i'm too busyto do anything about it", or, "I probably wont be any good at it anyway, so why bother."

It's not always easy to work on self-improvement, however, if you spend time doubting yourself before you even try, not much is going to be achieved.

If you really desire to change the way you are, you have to believe that you can. Not only can, but will change.

You do have the ability to make your life the way you want it to be, but only if you believe this is possible.

The way you see yourself is important. If you see yourself as not very clever, not particularly good at anything, this is the way you will be, because these thoughts have been programmed into your subconscious.

So what can you do about this? Change the way you see yourself. Start telling yourself that you are clever, you are capable, that you can do this. Repeat positive statements to yourself about whatever area of life you want to improve. Reprogram your thoughts until your subconscious accepts this information.

If you tell you subconscious something often enough it will believe what it is told. You have negative self talk without even realizing. You should start to reprogram your thoughts by telling yourself good positive information about whatever it is that you hope to improve.

Listen as you speak, you may be surprised at how often your self talk is negative. Each time you become aware of this negative thought, turn it into a positive one.

Each day tell yourself you can and will achieve. Say this as often as you canPsychology Articles, over and over again. Make all your thoughts about you and what you are going to achieve positive.

If you stay determined and don't give in you will definitely begin to feel a change in yourself and will begin to see an improvement in your life. If your self talkis positive you will reap the benefit in the way you desire.

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I keep myself busy working on my website which I am building in the hope of helping people with their personal development.

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