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Thursday, December 9, 2021
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What Makes Me Love Twitter

The new social marketing trend, Twitter, has became one of the most powerful interaction sites on the Internet. Although didn't appeared for long time, there are already more than 700 millions Twitter users and the number is growing every day. For those who don't know, Twitter is a micro blogging platform which allow you to interact with people who share common interests with you, the so called "followers".

The magic of Twitter is that gives you the possibility to "tweet" your ideas on the web, but you have to do it using 140 characters for that, and it is a good exercise for your brain. You need to focus to concentrate your ideas in few words and to be able to send your message.

What makes me love Twitter? I am a good observer and if someone would pay me for making statistics I would be rich. I find every day good reasons to love Twitter. Every person which has the initiative to follow me can be sure that I will follow her back. I am reading every direct message I am reading, although many of them are lousy advertising. It is true that Twitter is a good advertising platform for the affiliate marketers, but most of them do not understand how they should use Twitter.

There are few entrepreneurs which are opening multiple accounts, especially on girls names, and are promoting the same pathetic method of getting rich over night using their Twitter method, which in fact means to resell the very same method. There are few entrepreneurs which are inviting you to work at your home in your underwear and you will be happy and rich for the rest of your life. There are and few females entrepreneurs which are inviting you to work at their home in their underwear and you will be happy and less rich every time you do it.

As a matter of facts, everyone is trying in one way or another to sell something, and their final purpose is the customer's happiness, so I can not blame them. I have always considered that I am too small to change such a big world. Anyway, as far as I saw, Twitter is constantly cleaning it's backyard, and the purpose and the purity of the platform remain unaltered, so is my love for Twitter.

What makes me love Twitter? The fact that is the only place in the world where you can find so many Internet Marketing mentors, counselors and coaches on square meter. The score is about 99 to 1 for mentors versus newbies. It has no importance that 90% of these counselors are promoting only two methods of getting rich instantly selling a Twitter "get rich???" system, different for each method, but with the same formula, you buy the system and you have to sell it as product. It has no importance that 90% of these mentors have not their own website, few of them have a free hosting version. It has no importance that 90% of these coaches have not published a lens in Squidoo, a hub in HubPages, an article in some ezine. They are all marketing mentors, cross their heart, and I say like them. If they lie, I lie too, sorry.

What makes me love Twitter? The fact that I see people with 40,000 followers and this doesn't surprise me, if that person is a celebrity of some kind I find normal to have so many followers, but I see people which are following 40,000 tweeple, and that make me doubt by their credibility. I have always loved mathematics and making a summary count, if I should read 40,000 tweets every day, 24 hours per day wouldn't be enough for me, and think about that I am a fast reader. And, of course, considering that everybody is tweeting once a day, but there are few tweeple quite prolific. I always loved to be honest with myself and with those around me, and if I can not do something, I am not doing it and I admit it.

In spite of all these, I love Twitter. Who read the Bible knows the story with Sodoma and Gomora, when God says "Show me one good man among them and I will spare the cities". Well, I found not one but thousands of good people on Twitter, with many of them I am friend now in Facebook, and I have gained some really closed good friends in my Twitter adventure. I love Twitter and I will always will for that.

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