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Friday, April 26, 2019
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Get Green Wholesale Restaurant Supplies

Using green products is not just a fad.  It is a practice that gives you a clean and a safe house.  You want a safe house especially if you have children.  Green products don’t have harsh and toxic chemicals that harm you and the environment.  Do you know how to avoid chlorine, the deadly gas that is in many cleaners and water?

You hear about going green everywhere and about using green cleaning supplies.  In all types of business activities and in the products you use for your home.  What does all this green stuff really mean?  Is it using degradable products or using products that have been recycled.  Well it does mean this but there is more.

Perhaps the most important idea about using green cleaning supplies is that the green clean products do not have harsh chemicals that pollute the environment.  And because of this they are not toxic and destructive to the environment.  Their smell is more tolerable, and you can work with them without them harming you as much as non-green products.

Learn some of the following names and avoid them in various cleaning products.  If a product claims to be “green” make sure that is it not loaded with the following chemicals.


Chlorine is very volatile and when used has to have good ventilation to avoid damage to the lungs and internal tissues.  Chlorine is used in a variety of cleaning products.  It is used in drinking water and swimming pools.  When use pools with chlorine makes sure to shower immediately after swimming. 

Chlorine is also used in house water and when you shower there is a lot of chlorine in the water mist.  If possible keep a window open or the exhaust fan on full blast to put out the mist.  The best solution here is to use a shower filter that can get rid of the chlorine.

Here are some other products that use chlorine or organ chlorines:  Bleach, pesticides, and various bathroom cleaners.  By using green cleaning supplies, you will avoid chlorine all together.

Here is a quick run down of other chemicals to look for in your cleaning product that are harmful to your health:

Formaldehyde is a poison.  It is found in germicides and products you use on your body.

P-dichlorobenzene is a chemical that has a strong smell and you should not be smelling it since it affects your health.  It is used in insect repellents and toilet bowl deodorizers.

Pesticides are chemical poison used to kill other insects.  Many pesticides have been banned in the United States, but many imported fruits and vegetables get sprayed with ban pesticides.  These chemical are used as repellents, weed killrs, and rodent poisons.

Glycol Ethers comes from petroleum products.  Because they are used in many different house-hold products we use, the can get onto our skin and into our blood.  When handling any kind of cleaning chemical agents it would be wise to use plastic gloves.  Glyco Ethers are used in various cleaning products, brake fluid, and cosmetics.

There are so many chemical products that we use to scrub, clean, and deodorized our house that we don’t think about the harm these product do to us or our family.  These products easily produce fumes which we breath causing illnesses related to our lungsFeature Articles, liver and to our whole body.

These chemicals interrupt our natural cell function and makes more susceptible to cell mutation or cancer.  Why take a chance with these products when you use green cleaning supplies.

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If you need green cleaning supplies, go to our site Green Products and find a variety of these cleaning supplies. Here you will find green supplies not found in stores.  Other products listed are industrial company and restaurant supplies.


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