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Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Reclaimed Wood Furniture- Home Décor, Antique-style

We find out why reclaimed wood furniture is so popular among home buyers, along with a small glimpse into the changing uses of wood in the last century.

Origins of Reclaimed Wood: The Rise, Fall and Rise of Wood in Construction

Wood used to be the construction material of choice in rural and semi-urban communities right until the mid-1950s. This was because of the abundance of forests in the interiors. The high cost associated with transporting masonry material over great distances also made wood a natural choice. One of the oft-told stories about President Abraham Lincoln is about his birth in a log cabin. Wood was shipped all over the continent to make buildings, homes, barns and factories. This was in addition to its other uses in the paper, lighting, heating and furniture industries.

Wood fell out of disuse because of many reasons. It was terribly unsafe in a fire, unsuitable for taller buildings and alternative construction materials became much cheaper. With changing building codes and the need for tall buildings which could only be made from steel and concrete, wood was discontinued in construction. Once the older wooden structures were torn down as they were deemed unsafe, furniture makers spotted an opportunity in the huge amount of wood that was being reclaimed from these old buildings. They began producing custom made furniture from reclaimed wood.

Why has Reclaimed Wood Furniture become so popular?

The beauty of reclaimed wood comes from the long years it was exposed to changing seasons. As the moisture content in the wood came down, the wood became very dense and strong. The texture also became weathered from exposure and gradual stripping of paint and varnish. The warps and whorls of reclaimed wood are also very prominent, adding to its distinctive appearance. Each piece of reclaimed wood furniture could look different depending on the climate that the wood was exposed to. Buyers feel reclaimed wood furniture is a much classier alternative to mass produced furniture which has a monotonous similarity. They get a lot of options to customize the look and feel of the reclaimed wood furniture. Buyers prefer to support local craftsmen over giant, faceless corporations because of the artisans’ commitment to reducing environmental damage by the use of less damaging materials.

Tips for Choosing Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Buyers should choose to buy from furniture stores that offer high quality genuine reclaimed wood furniture. Online reviews and word of mouth referrals are great ways to zero in on good stores. A lot of artisans even have online shopping sites which allow prospective buyers to mix and match the products on offer by comparing prices, finish and customization options. Reclaimed furniture mostly goes well with rustic design themes. So reclaimed wood furniture can complement the décor of a farmhouse, rural retreat, cottage or country cabin. When choosing vanity cabinets, be sure to check the plumbingComputer Technology Articles, especially if you live in older houses. This ensures minimal modification would be needed once the furniture is delivered at home. Its also a good idea to measure the dimensions of doorways and staircases. Reclaimed wood furniture makers can customize the furniture suitably.

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