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Friday, December 13, 2019
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Biggest dog obedience problems

This article provides you pointers to help you deal with some of the biggest obedience problems that you are bound to come across. With the pointers provided here, you should not have much difficulty in dealing with this issue. To know more, read on!

Dogs tend to act out every now and then, I am sure that you have already gone through the initial ‘bad behavior’ phase with your pup. Every dog tends to go through this phase especially as your home is still a new environment to them. But this will change as your pup adapts to the new home, this is the stage where you need to keep your eyes open for any behavioral issues, from teething to downright disobedience. Your pup may not listen to your commands, at least not as much as you would like him to. This is mainly due to the fact that your pup cannot get where you are coming from. Basically, it means that you guys need to spend more ‘quality’ time with each other. However, if your dog does not listen to you even after spending all that time together, then it is an issue that you need to deal with ‘hands on’. Here are a few pointers from the Adam G. Katz methods of dog training, which should help you tackle this problem head on.

  1. Master and the servant – Dogs tend to think that they rule the roost, so do not be shocked if you find out that your dog thinks that he is the master of you. You need to show your dog that you are the master, the alpha and that he needs to follow you about than the other way about. So when leaving your home, head out first and allow your dog to follow you later. Alpha males are the ones who leave first so by heading out first, you are sending a clear message to your dog that you are the master. If you do not impress this on your dog early on, you will find yourself dealing with a host of behavioral issues.
  1. Set the rules – Dogs will misbehave from time to time, so you will need to deal with this issue by making the rules aptly clear to your dog. These rules have to be very clear so that your dog can understand the lot; you can incorporate these rules as a part of your training session. Be firm when dealing with misbehavior, no amount of baby talk is going to make your dog see reason. You will need to set the rules out in black and white for your dog and you can use the ‘reward initiative’ to train the dog to behave as per the rules of the house.
  1. The teeth in the grist – All pups undergo teething problems, so you need to make sure that your pup does not take to biting the life out of your Persian carpet or for that matter, the neighbor’s cat. So get him some chew toys to chew about and this should help relieve some of the pain originating from his gums. For a more detailed take on teething problems, consult your dog’s vet.
  1. Marking the territory – Dogs do mark their territory, just as some of the other animals from the animal kingdom do. The problem is not apparent when they go about marking their territory out in your garden but when they start performing out in your dining room, well that’s another matter altogether. You need to make sure that such behavior is a no-no and in time, your dog will get the message across loud and clear. Do remember, that dogs generally mark their territory only if they feel that they are threatened in some form, especially by another dog.

These pointers should help you deal with some of the biggest obedience problems that you are bound to come across with your dog. With the help of Adam G. Katz methods of dog training, you should be able to handle these issues with ease. Just remember, that most of the obedience problems in a dog stems from ‘being lonely’Psychology Articles, as such that can be easily tackled by spending some time together.

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