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Saturday, October 19, 2019
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The Concerns Behind the Wall Street and Tea Party Movements

Most countries now suffer from different kinds of protests. This is because of the fact that individuals and groups have their separate ideals or beliefs. 

Most countries now suffer from different types of protests. This is due to the fact that individuals and groups have their separate ideals or beliefs. The idea behind protest actions is to awaken most people on the present situations affecting their lives. No matter if these protest actions do not get the approval of the majority, people will still continue to fight for their ideas and what they think is favourable for the whole country. The latest protest actions which have gained the people’s attention are Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party. There is a similarity in the issues they're fighting for which is to give the so called “political power” to the right hands. The main issues concern the current situations like the concerns on the government, taxes, civil and political rights including the economic crisis. However, the Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party is becoming quite an issue itself. Why is that so? While some of the issues are similar, there is actually a big distinction on the cause they are fighting for. The Occupy Wall Street is perceived by both the local and international critics as having a more substantial and noteworthy cause for the protest action. On the other hand, Tea Party movements concentrate on their misinformed and become “angry for the wrong reason.”

If you will consider the Tea party movement, you cannot help but notice the issues on Tea Party Racism. It seemed like there is a certain truth to this. The fact is, the Tea Party protestors are usually made of Republicans. Republicans are mostly racist. They are very well-known for fighting against allowing African American/Black Americans to vote. So during their protests they include Obama and the fact that he isn’t “naturally” born American. They have been openly critical of the administration of Obama even if there is no sufficient and factual basis. It’s too bad, since the Tea party is usually composed of the wealthy and aging citizens of America who just happens to be the Republicans. 

Occupy Wall Street propaganda mainly talks of rational things. The issues are justified because it concerns the economy and employment. They do not focus on political leaders as much, but focus their attention on the main problem. The main problems with the movement is why the corporate people of the country seemed to get all the benefits rather than the greater majority who have been on the losing end. To simplify the issue, it deals on the “rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer” as a result of the taxation system where the ordinary worker pays more taxes. Another issue that angered the group is the fact wherein wages are continuously small but the taxes still high.  

However, despite the fact that both of the protest movements manly the Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party differs in the problems they're fighting for, it has certainly awakened many people. Nonetheless, America awoke to the issues that affect the masses such as political and socio-economic issues.

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The last few years have seen the rise of two large political movements: Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party. Their different points of view has led to many Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party comparisons. The Tea Party appears to be on the losing end of this, given the many accusations of Tea Party Racism.

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