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Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Is Hell a real place with eternal fire and torment ? Will friends have parties and fun in hell ?

If Hell is a real place, what will it be like? Will friends get together and have wild parties in hell, or will it be a place where we are each alone, suffering, forever.

Hell is a real place, it's as real as the house or apartment that you live in, or the place where you go to work or School. Throughout the Bible Jesus tells us numerous times about the dangers of being placed in Hell.

Hell will be horrible; nothing like it can be experienced here on the Earth. If you suffer from some bad disease like cancer that causes extreme pain all the time, or if you burn 90% of your body in a house fire, it does not come close to what the torments of Hell will be like.

If you die without knowing and believing in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you will find yourself in Hades, and at the last judgment you will be placed into Hell, where you will be forever.

The numerous verses the Bible uses to describe Hell, tells us that it will be for eternity, with no hope of reprieve. There will be eternal pain, without lessening, there will not be a few hours or even a few minutes where it won't be too bad, the torment will never cease.

If we are allowed to be amongst others when we are placed in Hell, it will offer no comfort, there will be no parties, no laughter, no mindless talking or joking, nothing but screams and torment, forever.

Those that are placed into Hell will also be amongst creatures that are so horrifying, that their very presence will add to the torment of the constant burning of the flames. Satan himself and all of the falling angels that rebelled with him against God, will be there too. It will be worse than being in a den of starving lions, forever.

As much as the torments of the fire and the eternal pain, the Bible even tells us that God himself will remove his very presence from you, in that you will know that you have absolutely NO hope of any kind. You will scream in agony and cry out, knowing that God does not even hear your pleas for help, and he never will again.

I was about to finish this section, when something made me think of the following.

How horrible is Hell? It's so horrible that the son of God, left Heaven where he is treated as the Lord, with continuous honor, praise and love. He came to the Earth and lived for 30 some years as a human man, he walked hundreds if not thousands of miles trying to warn people about Hell and telling them about his gift of salvation to save them from it, then he went through the tortures of being whipped, slapped, beaten, spit upon, had a crown of thorns pressed into his head, and then crucified, so we can avoid Hell.

Id say that by Jesus doing all that he did for us, he is warning us that Hell must be a very terrifying place to be, forever.

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