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Monday, December 6, 2021
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The Emmaus Journal - "I'm Mad as Hell, and I Am Not Going To Take it Anymore"

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Article Excerpt from
The Emmaus Journal
C.L. Mareydt d23

Got your attention on that title. No apology, because Hell is drawing more and more like a magnet toward its rim of perpetual death. It is happening all around us and we apparently do not, or do not want to, see it. Perhaps in some innocuous way we have given a lazy mental assent learned from our ingrained doctrines of Death and Hell. But, our testimony in the meantime is not sure and not complete!

Oh, salvation is not the question, at least for the authentic Christian majority that have professed Yahshua as Lord and Savior. But the Life Yahshua sacrificed on the cross is meant for more than the gift of salvation. Instead it has unfortunately been diluted and polluted into a nefarious collection of high minded religious churches filled with deceitful doctrines full of idolatry, greed, and lust.

Please forgive me for such uncomplementary statements. But, there are enough lies and dilusions that have been set upon us all. We are being controlled and do not even know it. Controlled spiritually, soulfully, and naturally. Controlled by the Religious Pharisees that abound in numbers within the religious denominations. Conrolled by the Doctrines of Devils we have given our itchy ears to. Controlled by such Teachers who have set their kingdomly dictates for all of us to stumble after in blind obedience, usually to our own hurt. Controlled by the ever so clever vises of our Enemy, Satan himself. Cloaked as a wolf in sheep's clothing. Cloaked as an Angel of Light. Cloaked as the lieing Prophets speaking out of their own spirits. Satan and all his demon host are drawing the religious church closer and closer to the darkened pit. He is frantically laughing all the way, for even Satan knows his time is limited and is only more determined to take as many souls as he can with him to the fiery depths of his destined chasm.

Yes, I am talking to Christians, about Christians! We know this World does belong to YaHWeH, our Elohim, and eventually it will all return to His absolute authority. But, to this date through all the generations past and into this Dispensation of Grace, YaHWeH has allowed Satan and his angels of darkness to have a poweful influence over all the inhabitants of this earth. Very easily seen is the degradation that has befallen us in a worldly sense. Plain as day and statistically verified the criminal activity worldwide in lawlessness on the streets and in the boardrooms has skyrocketed. We have only to look at America's ever aclaimed and highly advertised 'Sin City' as a pitiful example of our own nationwide morality to boot. Las Vegas has been built upon the so called '9 deadly sins' and is constantly praising itself as the vacation spot for all tourist and all Americans. Even now, our larger cities are opting for their 'Gaming Licence' in hopes it will help their ever failing revenues and draw more people into the cities to spend more money. Do I dare even ask how many Christians support such activities? This example is but a worldly advocate of lust and greed. We understand the worldly population carousing in such exploits of idolatry, and pointly shake our judgemental finger at them. But to be in godly righteouness we must also turn that fingerpointing toward ourselves.

Idolatry, greed, and lust come in many Christian Religious forms as well, but not as easily descerned. Yes, cleverly disguised, but grieviously still there. It seems the new church walls cannot contain the overflowing crowds lately. Men, women and children muscle their way into these religious forums, after coming through a week of game playing out in the world. Please, I know many God fearing church members also, who are right along side the rest. But, this is addressing the percentages within the crowd that claim the so called Christian title, without the revelation of Yahshua's reality and the Kingdom of YaHWeH in their heart. Too many in the church masses are morgaged over their head, not once but two or three times; insured to the hilt to prevent any calamity of nature, credit card debts that would make a hampster on its running wheel look sane, supporting livestyles that produce more ulcers and headaches in the long run with dysfuntional families that cannot communicate. Sickness, disease, and oppression abound into worldly bondages that plague the heart and soul unto a living death. But, all these great church services are available for them. Most church services perform two and three times on Sunday morning not to forget the evening meetings, plus the mid week services all to alleviate the pressing consciouness of good and evil. Each of these services are faithfully geared toward the uplifting of its pew people along with many support ministries within house for the extended care designated to these ailing Christians. Tapes abound, books abound, seminars abound, retreats, specialized prayer meetings, plays, dinners, luncheons, picnics, carnavals, bingo, rummage sales, secret sister societies, brotherhood meetings...please continue and add your own list. My, my, my. All centered of coarse around worship, praise and the Word.

Can we take a breath here? When all is said and done and performed, through Sunday to Saturday, is there any real time left for YaHWeH, our Elohim? Is there any time left to spend by ourselves on our knees or personal quiet time by ourselves, littleless with Elohim? No outside interference, no preachers, no teachers, no tapes, no worship music, no nothing; but you and YaHWeH, our Elohim. No inside interference, no mental strategies, no motives, no personal give me plans; no nothing, but your heart and soul moved toward Elohim.

What a novel idea. What a universal eternal truth. What a revelation. Is this what it takes? A revelation? Do we not read the scriptures ourselves to know that our YaHWeh, our Elohim is seeking all over the Earth for the ones who will worship Him in spirit and in truth? (John 4:24) Have we learned nothing in our spiritual venture? Or has it just been another self fullfillment plan, fueled by the covert strategies of our Enemy? Our own Enemy in house. In our churches, in our homes, in our private affairs. Using our spiritual weakness and our pride of life against us. Using our lack of discipline and influencing our hearts to wander away from YaHWeH. For even Satan knows religious activities can keep us away from the Truth. The hidden truth that is of Elohim. The private Truths that can only come from His Spirit to your spirit.

In the great measureless wisdom of Elohim, we can rest assured that nothing in this day and age that we live in is new or unexpected. In and through everything known and unknown, is the Spirit of Elohim. Our YaHWeH is beyond our magnitude of comprehension, but yet very near and approachable. In such vast simplicity full of order and purity Elohim still enables mankind to know Him. Through it all! But the time has come to stand up and take account and accountability of what we know and who we know. Very, very, personally. An personal assessment inside and a personal assessment outside. Exactly what do you want to be accountable for. Exactly what do you want to be accountable to. Our own words condemn us and our own words give account of our spirit. Yes, from faith to faith, but all in personal accountabilty with YaHWeH. We do know ourselves better than anyone else, beside YaHWeH. The time is at hand and our own houses have to be in order, spiritually, mentally, and naturally. The call has already been issued, and the final warning trumpets are blowing. Are we hearing them? Are you hearing them? Soon it will be too late. Soon the warning trumphets will stop. Soon the last grain of sand will empty from the hour glass. Then what dear brethren? Are any of us really prepared to meet YaHWeH face to face and give an account of our life; and then have to face up to the account of our life? Scripture gives an exact account of this.

Once again, the warning trumphet is blowing! Let's heed the sound of its alarm. Let's turn our houses upside down and inside out. Let's allow the spirit of Yahshua to run through our temples with a whip and scourge. Let's not settle for any form of idolaty, greed, or lust in our own temples, our households, nor our churches. It's enough! Let's start judging our own self and our own life. Let's not offer lip service to Elohim and then go back into our lives full of all the Enemy's delusions. It's high time and well past the time that the house of YaHWeH be called a house of prayer. Let it begin inside of us as His temples and inside of our homes and our worship places. Demand more out of yourself, more out of your householdBusiness Management Articles, more out of your church. We have much to be accountable toward. Are you ready to meet such a challege for yourself and set your own house in order. Are you stirred in your inner being enough to do something about it yet? Get ...mad... AT... Hell... and... DO NOT... Take... It... Anymore...!

C.L. Mareydt d23

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