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Thursday, March 21, 2019
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There Is A Sales Person Lurking Inside You

There is a sales person lurking inside you so watchout lest this pest bursts out and makes you loadsof money the natural way! A few ... ago was the Memorial day special ... in the US. Now

There is a sales person lurking inside you so watch
out lest this pest bursts out and makes you loads
of money the natural way!

A few week-ends ago was the Memorial day special for
people in the US. Now you are wondering why I am
telling you this. Well it is simple, it did affect me
pretty much and I am using this to prove to you how
every one including YOU have an `inbuilt` sales
mechanism waiting to turn your wheels of fortune.

Well So on this weekend we took our special guest- a
professor from New Zealand to visit the Capilano
bridge – The world`s greatest suspension bridge (first
built in 1889, this swinging bridge hangs 230 above
and 450 feet across the waters of the Capilano River).

Now I had totally forgotten about the Memorial Day...
and the place was crawling with tourists from the
neighboring USA. Yes you have guessed it right , I
live on the border in BC, Canada.

Wow silly me... Walking over the bridge with my eyes
tight shut, clinging for dear life to the side rail!
For I have a natural aversion to heights and the
bridge was swinging wildly due to the mad surge of
tourists....The thought that flashed in to my mind
was "even if I go down now, at least I will do so in

As expected nothing happened, we crossed over,
marveled at the wonders of nature, saw the tallest
tree in the world and returned over the bridge...
This time it was much faster. I did not shut my eyes
or cling to the rail as much. So here is your first
point I am trying to make:

Even the toughest situation becomes much simpler once
you have tried it out and mastered the basics:

- The first time round all your imagined fears jump
out at you and block your progress;

- Second time you have mastered some of the hurdles
and are more confident.

- Third time round you are heading towards a pro.

OK- OK – so you already know all about it, how does
sales come in to the picture? What I am trying to
prove to you is that you are a `born sales person`.
I want you to remove any inhibitions towards the
word `SALES` and listen up closely.

Well so back to my story, this professor from New-
Zealand is only just over 40. He has spent over 30
years of his life working towards his research and
Phd. He is well published , has authored several
books, is well respected and earns a substantial
income from his research and sensible investments.
Now he has reached a status where he meets his boss–
the head of the university only about twice a year.
He loves his work, travels a lot, has no time for a
family, does not own a TV – because he does not
watch it. He has been to a movie may be once a
year or even less...

Well so this man- this celebrated professor has to
travel the world and attend conferences, Presenting
his research and papers- trying to convince investors
to fund his research, trying to impress students to
take up his research courses.

Well friends- if that is not salesmanship in all its
glory - what is it? This is a man who has no sales
training and loves his research to the utmost. But to
succeed he has to get others interested in his work –
and that’s what sales man ship is all about.

I can vividly recall the times I have been in my
family physicians office. With all her medical
certificates framed on the walls, one corner is
dedicated to photos of all the babies she has helped
deliver. She even has a section set aside for grand
parents reactions and appreciation letters – here
again she is very successfully drawing attention not
only to herself but also to her work- this is another
example of salesmanship in all its brilliance.

Yes, getting people sufficiently interested in
yourself or your work- that is the arts and science
of salesmanship. Well so how does this relate to you:

Do you remember all those times you have cried as a
baby trying to get your mom to feed you or change
you... yes even as a wee little baby you were a
perfect salesperson trying to get people interested
in your wants and desires.

- Or all those times at school when you were trying
to impress your friends.

- Or making presentations in your class assignments.

- Or even preparing your resumesFree Web Content, applying for and
bagging that perfect job.

It all boils down to `selling yourself`. Yes in fact
you can take any situations in your life and analyze
them you will discover you were all the time trying
to sell yourself.

So my friends...Remove all your fears of the word
`sales`. You are a born sales person. Let your natural
instincts come forward and make you rich.

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Shahnaz Rauf is The Editor of The Monster Twister– a
Newsletter helping ordinary web owners achieve
extraordinary heights without losing their shirts. To
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