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Friday, September 25, 2020
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How Page Rank Flows Through A Website

Learn the truth about how Page Rank Flows through a website. Read up on Google Page Rank, how it flows and enjoy this article.

Page Rank is basically the importance of a Website and is assigned by Google. However, This Rank is assigned to each page of a website, including the index or root page of a website. This means every page on the Internet is assigned a ranking of PR0 through PR10. The only PR10 I know about is Google itself. Sites like YouTube and Facebook have a PR9.

Pages that Google recognizes as being out there with no Optimization or Search Engine Work at all done on them would be classified as a PR0. This could be a one page site with duplicate content or a site with almost no backlinks. No one knows the exact formula regarding what it takes to increase your Page Rankings, but just understand that the more links you get from the most different sources will greatly improve your chance of pleasing the Google Gods as well as moving up the Google System.

How Page Rank Flows

Page Rank is distributed from the top down. It starts at the main page, then pushes this rank to your 1st level pages, then 2nd level pages and so on. Using the example of an Internet Retail Store, your Root or Main page would be where this rank starts, then it gets passed off evenly to your Section Pages, then finally to your product pages.

This is why it's so important to distribute your Anchor Text when going out and getting inbound links to all of your pages. As a general rule you should distribute 50% of your Anchor Text Links to your home page and the other 50% should be distributed evenly throughout the rest of your websites pages. You can actually improve your overall Site Ranking page by page. So many people point all their Anchor Text Links to only their main pages and they are going about this all wrong.

The problem with doing this is that there's almost nothing left by the time this rank gets to the 3rd level pages. The solution is to build each pages rank individually. If you learn nothing else from this article please understand this.

Understanding Page Rank Leaks

Also there are a few pages on your Website that you don't need google to see or index at all. You don't want Page Rank from your Main Page or 1st Level Link Pages to seep into these. Prime examples include Legal Pages such as your Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use pages. Sometimes you'll also want to block your About page. Finally block any other pages on your website that don't have commercial value or content. You can block these pages very simply with the Nofollow Tag. You can do a search for this tag on any HTML Tutorial and easy copy this into your Meta Tags.

I can't be anymore clearer than this. The best way to improve overall Page Rank is to build this rank into every page on your website that has commercial value. Also each of these pages should be Search Engine Optimized for one Targeted Keyword.

This means that this keyword needs to be noted within your Title Tag, Meta Tags, Once in Large Bold Header Text on your page, and peppered a few times within the content. But never use Keyword Density that exceeds 1%. This means never use your keyword more than once for every 100 words of text or Google might think you are trying to Keyword Spam and they might be reluctant to rank that page.

Building Page Rank is an art and takes time. But you're literally building a fine piece of Virtual Real Estate if your business is getting a steady amount of backlinks each month. The value of this asset will grow each month. And better yet the traffic will grow as well. And if you are on a consistent content schedule, more websites will use this content giving you credit giving you yet more backlinks.

Lets think about this strategically. Since this Rank is distributed from the top down, and you send a ton of links to your home page, and also send a ton of links to your 1st and 2nd level pages, there's no where for the Page Rank on the main page to leak.

This is a great problem to have because the probability now is that the main page should be ready to receive a higher ranking soon. Google only gives these updates a few times per year, but it doesn't matter. The point is you've built it and don't have to wait for the update to start receiving great traffic and leads.

And the more Page Rank you have, the more any future content you add to your website willl rank as well. This is the golden trick and is how the big sites do it, but this will work on any sized website. There's no magic formula, but through consistent link building, it's only a matter of time before your website crawls to the top of the Search Engines for your Targeted Keyword Phrases.

Competing this way in the Global Market can be tough, but can still be done. However sometimes it can be like going into battle with a Gun. You might have a Gun but your competitor might have a Bazooka and 85,000 backlinks. But practicing these principles in the Local Market, competing with Local Businesses is like stealing candy from a baby.

In SEO and the game of Ranking for Targeted Keyword Phrases, the person with the most back links wins. What's even more crucial for Local Business Owners Online to understand is that links also increase in value due to the amount of time they are up. So the sooner you start your Back Link CampaignPsychology Articles, the better chance you have of tightening the noose around your competitors and cornering your local market.

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