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Monday, June 1, 2020
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50 Ways to Find Serenity

50 Ways to Find ... serenity is the last thing on your mind!)· Ask ... I being too hard on ... Ask ... do I have in my life that I can enjoyat this ... Ask yo

50 Ways to Find Serenity
(when serenity is the last thing on your mind!)

· Ask yourself…"Am I being too hard on myself?"
· Ask yourself…"What do I have in my life that I can enjoy
at this moment?"
· Ask yourself …"How important is it?"
· Ask yourself…"What is my gut telling me?"
· Ask yourself…"Are my goals or expectations realistic?"
· Ask yourself…"Am I considering all my options?"
· Ask yourself…"What is it about this situation that I can
do something about?"
· Ask yourself…"Who in my family or support circle can help
me now?"
· Ask yourself…"What is it about this situation that I can
· Ask yourself…"What can I change about my attitude?"
· Ask yourself…"Do I really want to be doing this?"
· Ask yourself…"What needs to be done first?"
· Ask supportive family members for support.
· Trust that you know what's best for you.
· How's your integrity? Are your thoughts, feelings and
actions matching? If not, what can you do about it?
· Forgive yourself...being angry hurts your soul.
· Buy yourself...some flowers or send yourself a card!
· Forgive someone...being angry uses lots of energy.
· Happiness is...enjoying what you have.
· Change negative self-talk into positive affirmations...I
am ____________.
· Tell someone who cares about you what is bothering you.
· Call a friend…to talk or go out for ________________.
· Call let them know that you are thinking
about them.
· Call someone...Go out to lunch, for coffee or for a walk.
· Breath...take 3 deep breaths. Hold it to the count of 3.
Slowly exhale. Do this 2 times or until you calm down
· Go to the movies, concert or play.
· Call a friend for support.
· Find a quiet place to read a book.
· Get a ...massage, manicure or pedicure.
· Connect...Join a club or organization. Volunteer in some
· Make a list of the 10 things you're tolerating.
· Read a book for 30-minutes.
· Write a list of the things you are grateful for.
· Learn how to say NO! (without feeling guilty!)
· Do absolutely nothing!
· Sit down. Possibly listen to some enjoyable music with a
cup of your favorite beverage.
· Rent a movie that makes you laugh.
· Speed up or slow down. Only you know which you need to
· Get enough sleep...take a nap if you need to.
· Exercise...go for a walk by yourself or with someone you
love. Do whatever type of exercise you're willing to do.
· Spend 30 minutes doing something you really, really
· Purchase something...that you can afford and want.
· Do something on your "To Complete" list... or start a
· Find a quiet place...go into the bathroom and lock the
door if you must! Close your eyes for a few moments and
think about something positive.
· Do something special for someone else...and don't tell
them what you did!
· Draw or color. Remember that your children's books
belong to them so ask permission!
· Meditate and pray... By yourself or as part of a group.
· Remember...what my life purpose is.
· Remember...that no one is perfect.
· Saying "no" to others often means saying "yes" to you!

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