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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Master Time: Improve your Lifestyle and Achieve your Goals

You’ve really got to learn how to master time if you want to improve your lifestyle and achieve your goals. Time management is not the sexiest of topics—but such is life.  After deducting the “necessities” from the average person’s day-to-day routine, most people honestly have an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes a day to do with what they want to improve their lifestyle...what do you do with YOURS?

You’ve really got to learn how to master time if you want to improve your lifestyle and achieve your goals. Time management is not the sexiest of topics—but such is life.

After deducting the “necessities” from the average person’s day-to-day routine, most people honestly have an average of something like 2 hours and 42 minutes per day with which you have to work to change your life for the better.

If you don’t believe me see my other articles on this subject, or take the challenge yourself and get really disciplined for one month in recording your time expenditures.

I hope you do, and I hope you find that all your free time is going to improve your lifestyle and help achieve your goals.

But for most people, they simply must use their discretionary time more intelligently than many of the activities that are popular to spend your “free” time doing— activities that add NOTHING of value to a life. And, if these people care... if they truly care... about improving their lifestyle and achieving their goals...

This Has Got To Stop!

So, what comes first?  What’s the action plan for getting every second chance out of every minute we’ve got?

I'm gonna tell you what I think, and what works for me (usually anyway!) but, before I do, I want to make an important observation: Many people hate it when I write stuff like this. They think I’m judging them, or else they think this type of information is not as usable or tangible as the hard-hitting techniques I usually write.

That’s bunk. These readers don't want to get the fundamentals right... no... they want to skip right to the “details” or the “magic formula”. But, listen up: your life is already filled with details, tons of them, to the point that your mental file cabinet is tossing out more information EVERYDAY for lack of use or need than your computer could ever hold…and, of all these details, NONE are doing a darn thing to enhance your life.

Unless you’re clear on the basics, the details just pour over the cup.

Here's something else: Success in life or in business isn’t necessarily complicated. I honestly think it can be and should be simple. The real answers are, really, so simple... they are almost corny. But “simple” is like Forrest Gump’s momma said: “Simple is as simple does”. Simple does NOT by any means mean “easy”. Running an ultra marathon over broken pavement in the scorching heat of Death Valley is very simple. All you have to do is keep putting one foot in front of the other for 50+ miles.

Simple as can be. Difficult beyond reason.

I want something for you, something kinda big. I want this year, starting TODAY, to be absolutely special for you. I want you to achieve more this year than you have achieved in all the previous years of your life. Of course, that means you've got a lot of “details” to attend to in the coming 365 days... but to really achieve something of note... you've got to attend to the right details.

In order for this to be that year for you…we need to get this in pinpoint-specific focus for you. Let’s see if I can get a commitment from you. Just for approximately the next 30-days. Just from the time you read this letter and the time your calendar pops up “Finally Done!” 30 days from today. I’m not gonna lie. This is gonna be SIMPLE. In fact, it could even be EASY. But for some of you…you just won’t do it regardless of how much you realize it could benefit you greatly.

Oh well. I’m throwing it out there for everyone anyway.

This commitment will cost you maybe 20 or 30 bucks and will likely take less than five minutes of your time for each of the next 30-days.

Here's all I'm gonna ask you to do: Go to a local drug store, a Radio Shack or wherever and get yourself one of those cheap micro cassette recorders and 30 of those little micro cassettes. You’re welcome to get a digital voice recorder and pay more (they’ve got some awesome features), but that’s not necessary.

Keep your recorder with you at all times during this month experiment and use one micro cassette each day to keep a running “time log.” Use it approximately once every hour of your day to take a quick bearing on how you spent the preceding hour. Your audio entries should only take a few seconds each.

They should sound something like this:

"7:15 to 7:50:" Drove to office.

"7:50 to 8:40:" Breakfast and newspaper

"8:40 to 9:30:" Returned work emails from coworkers about upcoming project

Etc., etc., etc. 

 That’s it.    

That's all I want you to do. I know, I know. You're already twelve steps ahead of me. In fact, you’re ready to graduate without taking any tests because “you already know what this is all about”.

Think you already know the basis of my evil convoluted scheme to change your life for the better?


You don't have a clue. Please just trust me on this. All you’ve possibly got on the line to lose is $20 or $30 and a couple or three hours out of one lousy month.

Flip the coin over and all you’ve got to possibly gain is everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve in this life.

Think I’m exaggerating? Think again. Look, stop thinking you’re so darn sophisticated. So darn smart. So far above doing a simple exercise like this. Let me tell you something...

Knowledge is not power.

APPLIED knowledge is power.

Until you’re applying thisFeature Articles, you don’t 'know' a darn thing!

I promise.

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