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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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The Secret Link Between Meditation And Success

While motivational speakers and writers are gaining much publicity with what the law of attraction means, they only allude to meditation as a fundamental element.  Here, meditation is explained not as a religious practice but as a skill that anyone can acquire.  The benefits of meditating habitually are numerous and outstanding.

Years ago, well before I had ever heard of "The Law Of Attraction," I was a backpacking traveler wandering the earth in search of - well - in search of adventure and experience.  I was never into recreational drugs; but I was definitely interested in pleasant mind experiences.In India, droves of traveling folks headed to popular meditation centers and ashrams that accepted foreigners.  This was not what I was looking for.  I headed to Sri Lanka, and found a Buddhist retreat hidden away near a fairly small town, not too very far from Columbo.  I was the only westerner there.  Once, a younger student came to fetch me for supper.  We were both barefoot, and had to traipse through a forest to get to the dining area.  When the student saw that I lagged behind, he asked if everything was okay.  I told him I wasn't used to walking barefoot over twigs and rocks.  He told me, "I know every inch of this forest."  The student was so agile as he walked through the forest as though he were walking on sand.  It was then that I made a discovery about meditation; it never stops. While walking, talking, playing sports, or doing anything, your mind can be attuned to who you are, where you are, and what you're doing. The oriental martial arts, in fact, originated  in mind exercises, i.e. meditation.At the retreat, the guru taught me a simple form of Buddhist meditation, which, of course, I cannot repeat here, for I am not a guru. But I will say that there was nothing to chant, nothing to look at, and it had the same aim as any meditation - to empty the mind. I had great difficulty with this, for my mind is always active with lively content that I need to think about. But after a while, I was doing meditation for eight hours a day.  Even after I left the retreat, I continued to meditate on the beach for hours at a time. When I was in Sri Lanka I learned to have no intent with meditation, other than clearing the mind.  I did not try to levitate.  I did not try to become a teacher or become an evangelist for meditation.  I just did it, to clear and relax the mind.Yet I was never able to conquer the meandering mind. It had ideas of its own. And it presented the ideas to me in herds just as I was trying to clear my mind of all thoughts.  Some were great ideas, too.  But I had to treat them like a pilot treats turbulence.I continued to practice meditation at least an hour a day after I went back to my roots in the western world. And then, weird things began to happen:  Things and people started to come into my life, just as I had a need for them.  It was as if I had become a magnet for the right people and things to just come to me.  Suddenly I had a girlfriend - I had a job that I liked - people showed me respect, without my even knowing them - I could concentrate and write better than before. Animals came around. I could take a walk in a forest, and I'd see animals that usually don't let themselves be seen by people; not rare animals, by any means, just shy ones.  They seemed to welcome me to their habitats. I was able to predict things before they would occur (which, by the way, is the best time to predict anything). This is not a special gift of precognition; it is simply a heightened sensitivity to surrounding circumstances making it easier to guess what events would follow these circumstances.  The world; its people, its animals, its nature, were all being good to me.  And I did not know stress - or anger - or disorganization.  Things just seemed to click and fall into place, and somehow I was attracting good things to my life. It was a time of inner-peace and harmony with the world.  Everything clicked, and I had nowhere to go but up.  Suddenly, I lost it all.  It was all gone; everything.There must be hundreds of explanations how a guy could be on a roll in life, and then suddenly roll straight to the depths of despair. Illness or trauma could be possible explanations.  But, no matter what the impetus to a downward trend, the only things that I can think of to explain continued self-defeat are laziness and lack of discipline.  I lost concentration; I became more stressed and confused; material possessions - gone.  Ability to make things happen - gone. Inner-harmony - gone.  Things just stopped clicking. The only thing I attracted was loss, loss, and more loss.  Old habits returned. Procrastination took over where I was once able to get things done quickly.  Instead of meditating, I watched hours of TV. I tried and tried money making scheme after money making scheme, only to find myself in the hole so deep I was ashamed to tell anyone about the "businesses" I was involved in.  I could not make things click, even when I gave up the tv and the money-making schemes. My self-imposed work schedule included about 20 hours a day trying to figure out how to make money. And during all this time, I can honestly say that everything about my life was falling apart. If I could draw a picture of the way I felt day in and day out, it would be a thousand puzzle pieces - each with a part of my face - scattered in all directions, like they'd been lifted by a whirlwind.  I will not claim to be fully recovered or a highly successful millionaire.  But I can say that within a few days after I found the solution, I found myself a hundred times closer to my goals.  What I found was, I am still able to meditate.  Everyone is. And here is another thing I found.  All the success coaches - all those motivation guys who want to put you together with your destiny - they all know about the power of meditation.  And most even talk about it in one way or another; they just never call it, "meditation."You see, to make things click, to bring peace and harmony into your life, even to bring more money into your life, you don't even need to do the kind of meditation I did in Sri Lanka.  There's another easy kind of meditation that only takes about 20 minutes.  At 20 minutes a day, a person can build up an ability really fast.Meditation,alone, cannot bring a person out of any mess he is in.  It does not do magic.  However, sometimes the results of meditation feel magical, and meditation does help you get your head straight. Recovery from years of loss will not happen in one day. But I do believe that meditating one time, the right way, can lead to giant leaps on the road to inner-peace, harmony, and success.  I believe it can only do great things for you if you make it a daily habit.  I also believe, from experience, that meditation can help you bring about the changes in your life that you seek, but only if you don't depend on meditation to do it.  What I mean is, the reason for meditation is NOT to bring changes in your life.  The reason for meditation is to relax your body and clear your mind. That is what you must intend when you meditate, nothing else. To clear your mind means just that - "clear."  No goals, no problems, no anticipations, no disappointments. Just a clear mind - ready to receive what comes your way.Just as that student was always in a state of astute awareness of himself and his surroundings, you may find that habitual meditative exercise puts you in a habitual state of mind.  I cannot think of a better way to explain this.  It is not that you are in a deep trance all the time.  It is just that you have heightened awareness of yourself and your surroundings.  You find that everything flows, and you flow with it.  If someone asks you a question, somehow you just have the right answer.  When there is a decision to make, you just make it.  No lengthy deliberation that gets nowhere. You have patience for everything, and for some reason those things that try your patience seem to fizzle away. I have restarted this journey, and in days I have witnessed amazing strides in my own battles.  I hope some people will find a message in my writings and then embark on their own Mind Journeys.  I hope that meditation catches on, not as a fad or a gimmick or a way for some "gurus" to make money; but as a creative habit to replace destructive habits. I think this is the real reason I want to see more people doing secular meditation (i.e. not attached to any religion).  I really believe that the personal benefits of meditating every day, can be magnified if everyone in a community adopted a habit of meditation.  And what if everyone in a country did this - and everyone on a continent - and everyone in the world.  Wouldn't things be better for everyoneHealth Fitness Articles, then?

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Jerry Waxman is currently a lecturer in a university in Thailand.  He teaches and writes of personal performance.  His website, WorldsWays, ()  is devoted to getting people to lift themselves up and enjoy life to its fullest. Humor often plays a role in Jerry's writings. See "The Loser's Guide To True Happiness / Loopholes in the Law of Attraction"  ()

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